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Yeti - Yeti
Item Drops
Hero Mode [?]

(Hero drops unknown)


Skills and Attacks
  • Hops on one foot, then stomps down to the side.
  • Punches forward with a two-handed punch.
Battle Tips and Advice

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Additional Notes
  • Variations of Yeti include Frost Stone Yeti and Jagged Horn Yeti.
  • Noticeable Yeti include Sarghamiu, Big Horn, Rockjaw, and Black Belly.
  • According to Brynn, Yetis are ancient creatures living in Hoarfrost Depths, believed to be extinct and forgotten by everyone other than magicians. Brynn suggests that Yetis were still around all this time, but with no record or evidence of their appearances. Brynn also theorizes that the Yetis were in hibernation and the Holy Artifact woke them up.
  • Yetis are neither on the side of Fomorian nor Human; they were merely caught in their war.
  • In Patrolling the Depths, three Yetis are seen, but are soon killed by Gallant Eiwoch.
  • It is said that Rockjaw and Black Belly are the Kings of the Yetis.
  • It is said that Yetis worship the Irukul, who is considered their violent god. It also means "Ice Mountain" in Yeti. On some occasions, Yetis would take their own Heart and offer it to Irukul.
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