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Wolf Tail
Wolf Tail (Enemy).png
Type Gnoll
Location Perilous Ruins
(Boss of Revenge)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 14 Exp: 186 HP by Group Size - 1: 8,539 2: 11,3853: 14,801 4: 19,355
Att: 1,501 Def: 721 Crit: 7 Res: 18 CritDmg: 120%    

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Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
All Modes Cloth, Gnoll Buckler, Gnoll Leather Tunic, Gnoll Mace, Leather, Wolf Tail Bracelet Enhancement Stone
Normal / Hard Mode
Hero Mode

Quest Only Drops[]

Battle Skills and Attacks[]

Tips and Advice[]

  • Wolf Tail is one of two bosses that you fight in the final dungeon of Perilous Ruins, the other being Jagged Tooth.
  • Since Wolf Tail focuses on melee, he should be taken down before Jagged Tooth.
    • His attacks are a lot like Shadow Fang and Embermain, except he will also try to bowl you over with a charge attack, which he prepares for by crouching down.
    • Jagged Tooth's charged shot can be used to stun Wolf Tail by putting him between you and Jagged Tooth.

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