Wild Rock Set

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Wild Rock Set

Wild Rock Eye Patch.png Wild Rock Eye Patch Wild Rock Jacket.png Wild Rock Jacket
Wild Pants.png Wild Pants Wild Gloves.png Wild Gloves
Wild Boots.png Wild Boots
Set Bonus

2 Pieces: ATT +25, M.ATT +25
3 Pieces: ATT +45, M.ATT +45
4 Pieces: ATT +75, M.ATT +75
5 Pieces: ATT +150, M.ATT +150

Total Set Effects (without Set Bonus)
Full Set Restrictions
Required Level: 1 - Max Level
Class: Lann, Karok, Kai, Hurk, Sylas, Grimden

A rock and roll outfit set made of heavy leather and wild fur.
- Wild Rock Eye Patch
- Wild Rock Jacket
- Wild Rock Pants
- Wild Rock Gloves
- Wild Rock Boots
ATT +100, M.ATT +100, Movement Speed (Town) +5%