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White Soldier Spider - Spider
Item Drops
Hero Mode [?]

(Hero drops unknown)


Skills and Attacks
  • White Soldier Spiders attack by clawing at their targets.
  • Upon hoisting their back-side, they may leap at their target.
  • When hoisting their back-side, they may quickly throw it underneath them and inflict their target with Nerve Degenerating Agent by spitting poison at them.
Battle Tips and Advice
  • Try freezing the White Soldier Spider with Ice Spear as Evie.
Additional Notes
  • Cannot be grabbed by neither Lann nor Fiona.
  • Light of Palala does not affect the White Soldier Spider.
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White Soldier Spider (Enemy).png
White Soldier Spider found in:
Ruins of Sanctity (boss of The Five Spider Brothers and sub boss of Goliath (Battle) and Nightmare at the Ruins)