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Werewolf - Gnoll
Item Drops
Hero Mode [?]

(Hero drops unknown)


Skills and Attacks
  • Stands on all four limbs close to the ground, then performs a leaping attack
  • Leans back on hinds legs, and performs a single close-range swipe (Perfect guardable).
Battle Tips and Advice


The best trick is to move around when the werewolves attack and to throw objects when at all possible, as they will knock down one or even two of the 3 bosses in the black breeze room, allowing you to use stigma hammer to deal damage. If at all possible, try to get one of them stuck behind the other 2, and constantly use 1 or 0-charge stigma to keep the 2 down, making the other pretty much harmless. Do not commit to an attack on one of the werewolves unless at least one of the others is down, as they have an annoying tendency to strike from behind when you least expect it. the normal ones have guard-able strikes, so use counterattack if you get the chance, especially if you have SP: Shield Repair.
Werewolves are very fragile and will be stunned after every counter attack. All of their strikes are normal attacks. Fionas can do the math.

Additional Notes
  • Werewolves are very annoying due to their consent to leap around often. In turn, knock down chances against them are very high.
  • Noticeable Werewolves include Black Breeze.
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Werewolf found in:
Perilous Ruins (boss of Trampled Plains)