Warrior Chiulin - Lizardman
Chiulin Horn Fragment
Location: Right horn on his back.
Hits require for Break: 2
Skills and Attacks
  • Slashes around him.
  • Spins around like a tornado towards a player.
  • Does three Shield Bashes toward the player.
  • Slashes, jumps and then charges the player.
Battle Tips and Advice
  • If you're fast and run up the ledge and go all the way to the end, Chiulin will be unable to follow and will stay trapped at the bottom, making it easy for you to use ranged attacks (or get the break on his horn with a spear).
Additional Notes
  • Throwing four spears at Chiulin's back right horn will drop the Chiulin Horn Fragment. It takes two spears to make Chiulin flinch, and another two to break the horn.
  • Equipment dropped may be 2* or 5* quality.
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Warrior Chiulin found in:
Sewers (boss of What the Dead Leave Behind)
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