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For NPC, see Black Hammer (NPC).
For the boss of Betrayal, see Controlled Black Hammer.
Warlord Black Hammer - Ogre
Warlord's Horn
Location: Right shoulder horn
Hits require for Break: 2
Tips: The best time to do this is after his 3 hit combo, where he'll stop and growl, leaving his shoulder widely exposed.
Skills and Attacks
  • His massive size will hit you if his foot gets anywhere near you.
  • Does 3 quick combos with his hammer. His foot can also hit you.
  • Quickly swings his hammer.
  • Twirls his hammer to perform a 360 spin and then drops down the hammer.
  • Drops down his hammer and then roars, summoning an assortment of Goblin Spearmen, Goblin Gunners, and a Goblin Petty Officer.
Battle Tips and Advice
Additional Notes
  • Krunk claims that the Exquisite Black Hammer Set is marked with dead souls. In addition, when the wearer of the Black Hammer Set kills more people, the armor grows in strength.
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Warlord Black Hammer found in:

Fomorian Base (boss of Rescue)

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Warlord Black Hammer Concept Art