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Item Categories[]

With the Season 2 update, the Admins decided it was time to "wikify" the wiki. And with that a lot of changes have come, including changes on the item templates. They now have 3 fields regarding the type of the item and they are "type", "subtype" and "category". The "type" field is to be filled with what the ingame item window shows and, in case it has a ",", the part after the comma would go into "subtype". But sometimes nothing shows in the item windows, but we still need to categorize those items nevertheless and that's what the "category" field is for. But what should we write there? Well, that's what I want to discuss with you, fellow wiki editors. I made a list of possible categories, divided by sections and wanted for you to check it out and point out anything that you feel that it's missing or if nothing is missing, that you agree with it. We need some guidelines for the future, and we need it them quick. You can find the list here: User:Sekuiya/Categories. I await for your feedback eagerly. Sekuiyatalk 04:11, 25 February 2013 (UTC)

Like I suggested, we could use the market categories for the ones that can be traded ^^' → Nedigo talk ― 04:16, 25 February 2013 (UTC)
Well, that list is very "marketplace-like" aside from a few things. First, "Expertise Material", most of these items appear in "Miscellaneous‎ Material" but I think they should get their own category, or, fit into the "Special Material" category. Another thing, regarding "Miscellaneous‎ Material", if we check the market, like I said, we see or Expertise Materials or lots of Crescent Moon drops, which is kinda weird. Those should go into the "Crescent Moon Island Drops‎" though.
Another thing, in the Accessory part, we have a category called "Necklace". I never saw any items under this category, so I just ignored it. The "Accessories" part, from what I gathered, it contains "Earring"s and "Jewelry" so I just broke down those two. And the "Other" one was also ignored, since from what I gathered, they're just for Earrings that are not usable, so they should go under the drops of their region or Special Material if they are made. I heard around that they are made but wasn't sure.
Aside from that, I broke down the Event category into 3 different categories, "Event Consumables", "Event Equipment" and "Event Story". I think these three are the only type of event items that exist ingame.
And that's about it regarding the marketplace. If you have a better idea, please, feel free to share it. Sekuiyatalk 05:13, 25 February 2013 (UTC)