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Videk (NPC).png
Original Name Bithnek
Alignment Unknown
Race Human
Occupation Power Infuser
Location Power Infusion, Malina

Owner of the Malina Infusion Station.
He studied under Enzo for a time before fulfilling his dream of running his own shop. His life goal is to become the ultimate businessman.

Videk is a young man found in the Power Infusion house in Malina. He dreams of becoming rich by selling his Power Infusion Process services.

You ready to infuse some power?
~ 'Videk'

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "So bored...".
  • "You might her some stories that my teacher came up with this process, but that's all rubbish... This is all mine! He just wants a cut of my action!".
  • "The whole Power Infusion process was all my invention! You didn't think I'd be that smart, huh? Well, I've been working on this for years. I'm gonna be swimming in gold when this hits the big markets!".


  • In Mabinogi: Fantasy Life, Videk is a con artist who exploited a family's riches and drove them into poverty after their son was kidnapped.