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Verafim (NPC).png
Original Name Verafim
Alignment Fomors
Race Lizardman
Occupation Shaman
Location ?

Verafim, also known as Beraphim, is a Shaman Lizardman. Wearing a bright white cloak, he in fact started the whole events related to Vindictus.

Pity them, my brothersss, they do not know who their enemiesss are.
~ 'Verafim'


Spoiler: (Prologue) Verafim used a Fomorian Domination Spell to control Wenshardt. After its defeat, Verafim is seen and leaves at the sight.
Spoiler: (Episode 7) Verafim is seen again within the Sewers performing a strange ritual on Seanna. When he sees the cadet, he exits the room leaving with Ingkara to deal with them.
Spoiler: (Episode 9) After Black Hammer had "dealt" with Shakarr, he urges Verafim to finish his plans for summoning Lionotus, the Evil One. Gilliam shortly appears as Verafim performs the Fomorian Domination Spell to control Black Hammer as a "test."
After Black Hammer is defeated, Gilliam reminds Verafim that he only taught him the spell as a means of stopping Erinn's descent. However, Verafim plans to use Lionotus to eradicate the Fomorians. Gilliam shouts "betrayal" (although Verafim says that it is truly not as there was no trust between them) and tells the Lizardman that he just made a new enemy.
Back in Albey Ruins, Verafim summons the Evil One on the rookie, however this fails as Lionotus is defeated. This leaves Verafim at shock, who then shouts "Damn!" as he disappears.
Verafim soon meets Keaghan and explains in order to bring forth Erinn, he must summon the controller of time. He also tells him that the Lizardmen Race were abandoned by the Fomorians, and in revenge, want to steal their God. He finds Keaghan's plans rather strange and disappears, telling him that they will meet again.

Spoiler: (Episode 10) When Keaghan was defeated by Elchulus, Verafim told Keaghan to eat his heart to gain power to defeat Elchulus, which ended his life. Thus, by doing that he succeeded his plan by turning Keaghan into the true God of Fomor, Cichol; the Lizardmen now have their god.

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