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Vampire Royal Guard - Vampire
Item Drops
Hero Mode [?]

(Hero drops unknown)


Skills and Attacks
  • Holds the lance vertical for a moment, levels it with the ground and thrusts with no track capability. This is the VRG's main attack and has an unusually long range for a melee attack.
  • Bends over and holds the lance diagonal towards the ground, pauses more briefly than the stab and does an upward diagonal slash. This is used about 1/3 as often as the stab and has a much shorter range.
Battle Tips and Advice
  • Fiona can fairly easily perfect guard and the counter or swift guard before the next attack, and a stigma hammer will kill it even uncharged
  • Immune to Lann or Fiona's grab.
  • Royal Guards are much more annoying than normal vampires because they will stand slightly behind a mob and stab from beyond your strike range.
Additional Notes
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