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Unimplemented for Exclusive

I wonder if we should use Exclusive template instead of Unimplemented one, since Exclusive can clearly reassign the content articles by servers, where that content is featured.

  • We can assign them by regions: America, Europe, Asia.
  • We can assign them by servers: US, EU, JP, CN, KR, TW.

Which is better?

Light and darkmode skins

Hey, I recently noticd that on the light mode skin, the text appears to be unreadable, due to the dark text on dark background. This should be an easy fix. Though, I've noticed between the two skins, both appear to have little distinction, and both appear to be dark. Would you be open to discuss some themes we could use instead for the light mode skin? Due to accessibility or personal reasons, some might have actual preference to something lighter.

x TimeShade (talk) 04:25, 9 September 2021 (UTC)

- Hello there! I've fixed the issue of unreadable text. Regarding light and dark themes having little to no distinction, I believe the problem lies in the light theme. Previously, there was originally no need for distinction between the two, as this wiki used HydraDark theme by default, and most elements were tailored to that theme. Having something for the light theme would've been a go, but I possess no knowledge on how to achieve the disparity between light and dark theme, without hurting one or another.

I have the Discord open most of the time, so if you require more frequent contact with me, I recommend you use that. ~ User:Silverberg44 (talk) 00:16, 10 September 2021 (MSK)