Valentine's Chocolate Mess

So, let me get this straight. First, you decided to use the NA name for one page and then the EU name for another, regarding the chocolates. Use one or the other, don't start mixing. Second, why did you merge the two stories? They're different stories, one comes after the other, it makes no sense to merge them. And with that said, I'll take my leave for now. Sekuiyatalk 12:43, 11 February 2013 (UTC)


Looking at the history on the Template:Item page, Wynthyst (Wyn) added "Happy" to the bottom of the page. Wyn is part of the Curse staff, so there's obviously a reason for it. I have not heard anything about why there is "Happy" on the page, but I'll inquire about it tomorrow. --Masqtalk 08:18, 23 September 2013 (UTC)

Wyn was testing a bug with it and the "Happy" is no longer needed. --Masqtalk 18:07, 23 September 2013 (UTC)
We have been discussing what to do for the categories. Most will be going by what the marketplace categories are, but some exceptions have to be made. In particular to the potion you mentioned, there's two different types of potion: Consumable and Special. Consumable are HP, Stamina, Attack Boost, ect. and special are Durability Protection, Dye Ampoules, Damage Increase, ect. Simply having one category as "Potion" wouldn't be accurate enough. Nedigo is working on sorting out the entire database of items and figuring out which categories are what, and Sekuiya has made a list of what we will likely use as the categories for the items here: User:Sekuiya/Categories. We'll be implementing the changes once everything is sorted out.
If you'd like to talk to us to get a better understanding of what we're up to, you can find us in the Curse Wiki Chat. We all end up signing into it when we're around. --Masqtalk 22:01, 23 September 2013 (UTC)

Re:Resenlian's Labyrinth/Template Colors

About Resenlian's Labyrinth. I actually thought about that for the Sub Bosses/Bosses, as the only "main" boss of the Labyrinth is the final room doppelgangers, in particular the Evie Doppelganger (she gets the prefix in that room and she's like the Boss of the final doppel Bosses). Everything else leading up to that point is technically Sub Bosses. I was going to go over the Labyrinth and everything related to it once I finish converting all of the enemy pages to the new format, so for now just ignore any mistakes about Sub Boss/Boss related to the Labyrinth and I'll handle it once I finish my Enemy Page conversion process. I'll be overhauling everything Labyrinth related at that point.

About Dye slots. I don't remember anyone talking about making something like that show on pages. If you can figure out a way to make it work, then by all means go for it. It could be a useful thing to have on the pages, as different pieces dye in different ways. In particular to the level 80 Pirate sets, I know they use a different dyeing format. Instead of you filling a slot and the corresponding pieces being that color, they use colors from all the slots and blend them together throughout the equipment piece, making it so it changes to a different color than what your color choice actually was. As far as I know, all the other equipment in the game is based on each individual color slot. The color is exactly as it appears in the slot.

Also, I know that different sets use a different color palette when random dyeing. I remember hearing that someone had a simulator for that at one point, and that would be extremely valuable to have. People are always asking if certain armors can dye certain colors randomly, and unless someone already random dyed it to that color they might never know if it's possible or not.

Finally, we would love it if you would join us in the Curse Wiki Chat. Sigil, Nedigo, Sekuiya and myself are currently on it, and we'd like to talk to you about what our plans are for updating the wiki. It's much easier to keep you in the loop with live chat :D. --Masqtalk 22:35, 27 February 2013 (UTC)

Season 2: Episode 3

If you're still kicking, hop on the IRC and we'll have a chat about the newly released Episode 3 for Season 2. Otherwise if you no longer have any interest in Vindictus, then I can understand why. I'll keep the IRC open. -Masq