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The Unknown Area, also known as the Unknown Expanse, is a boat available for level 30 - 100 players. It is primarily known as a Royal Army Raid, or RAR for short. It has seven 12-man raids that are limited to 1 victory a day; this can be increased with Departure License's, VIP or VVIP. These battles are hosted by a Dedicated Server.

At least 10 players must join the party in order for the raid to start.

Unlike normal dungeons, the bosses here have 30 health bars. You'll also be unable to see other player names under the battle title; Instead, there is a counter that shows how many people are present in the raid and how many are dead.

Graphics and some functions were toned down to fit the raid. For example, Evie's Revive does not lift up the corpse.

Party Revival Feathers only resurrect up to 7 people much alike 8-man raids.

Weapons and armor do not break in the raid, with the exception for shields. However, their durability after the raid is affected.

Paladin and Dark Knight transformation skills cannot be used in this battle.

Skills that force knockdown the boss last significantly shorter as well. For example, Evie's Active: Reverse Gravity will instantly drop the boss the second after she lifts them up, and the boss will instantly recover after receiving the shockwave of Hurk's Active: Terminus and also cannot be stabbed. However, Vella's Active: Cyclone and Active: Glacier Terminus and Arisha's Active: Temporal Shift are unaffected and will thus function normally.

Vella's attacks drain different amounts of stamina than normal battles in Royal Army Raids. Storm Step consumes 0 stamina. Cross Cut consumes 0 stamina regardless of Blade Heart level. Her first and second smashes consume no stamina, though Tumult Blade still does. Her third and fourth normal attacks now costs stamina. As such, doing her third and fourth smashes are much more costly in stamina than before while her first and second smashes are less costly.

Hurk cannot use Deflection in these raids.

Being hosted by Dedicated Servers, not every player can join at once. If the maximum amount of players for the server(s) raid has been reached, players must wait until they can enter. However, lower-leveled players have less difficulty to enter.

Unknown Area's Dungeons

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Battle Quests[]