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Twin Ponytails Arisha.png
Twin Ponytails
Hair Style Sell Price 0 Gold (Icon).png
Restriction (Icon).png
Untradeable (Icon).png
This item cannot be traded.

Twin ponytails. Suitable for girls, not recommended for aduls.

Alternate description:

Charming pigtails that accentuate your girly charm. This style is not recommended if you are currently questioning your age.

Twin ponytails. Cutesy reputation, but actually rather pragmatic for tying hair out of the way of all the blood spatter... while still leaving room for a helmet on top!

How to Obtain[]

Purchased from the Avatar Shop with NX.

  • 30 Days: 1,590 NX
  • Permanent: 4,300 NX


  • Alternate names: Girly Pigtails (Evie)

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