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Tristan (NPC).png
Original Name Tristan
Alignment Coffer Chasers Guild
Race Human
Occupation Coffer Chasers Guild Leader
Location Coffer Chasers Guild, Malina
Malina's grown over the years.
~ 'Tristan'

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "Have a good one."
  • "What's the word?"
  • "I see you're still kickin'."
  • "Malina's grown over the years. Most newcomers are here lookin' for the Destiny Stone, or havin' new Coffer Chasers is good, but those government folks can take a hike."
  • "Allysse is a real catch, but her brother Milo needs to be tossed back. Ain't nobody in town that don't have a bone to pick with that kid."
  • "(Tristan): Think it's time for a smoke... (Esyllt): I thought you were quitting, chief. (Tristan): I am. It's a work in progress. (Esyllt): Well, make your "progress" outside. (Tristan): All right."