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Transformation is an active skill that provides 2000 ATT, 2000 M. ATT, 2000 DEF, and 100% Penetration for a short duration. There are two types of Transformation: Dark Knight and Paladin.


For a comparison between the two Paths, see Dark Knight vs. Paladin.

Transformation Points[]

Each use of Transformation requires 100 Transformation Points. You can store up to a maximum of 300 Transformation Points.

Sources of Transformation Points[]

  1. Over time: Transformation Points increases by 1 per minute while below 100 points.
  2. Leveling: Each level grants 100 Transformation Points.
  3. Battles: Each battle grants a minimum of 7 Transformation Points.


Below is a list of battles which are notable for their additional Transformation Point gain.

Battle Point Gain
Abyssal Arena* 220
Ambush 20
Autumn Reed Bed 20
Cadet Ceremony 20
Chunk Runs** 20
Dark Side of the Moon 20
The Five Spider Brothers 20
The Fomorian Leader 20
A Friend Once Lost 20
An Interdimensional Invasion 20
Orders From Above 20
Sea of Reflection 20
Source of the Rumour 20

*Abyssal Arena provides 20 Transformation Points per floor, up to 10 floors.

**Chunk Runs refers to non-raid battles in Donegal and Aidan.


TP is an entirely different resource from Transformation Points. It is accumulated by using the Transformation active and used to level up skills under the Path menu.

Sources of TP[]

  1. Transforming: Using the Transformation Active grants you 25 TP.
  2. Damage: Dealing damage from any source while transformed grants TP, up to a maximum of 75 per transformation.
  3. Guild Skill: The "Increased Path EXP Gain" Guild Skill provides a [5%/10%/20%] increase in TP gain, depending on the rank.

The maximum TP gain per transformation is 100 TP, or 120 TP with the Rank 3 Guild Skill.


  • The Fomorian Leader is the most efficient battle for gaining Transformation Points. However, it does not give TP.
  • While leveling, you may opt to use Transformation as often as possible to prevent wasting excess Transformation Points.