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Tailoring Beginner Req. Level: 89 Tailoring
Nel (NPC).png Nel (NPC).png
Starts with Nel Ends with Nel
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Nel.
2. Randomly one of the following:
» Obtain 3 Proof of Gnoll Chieftain or 3 Chieftain Leg Armor.
» Obtain 3 Proof of Jagged Tooth or 3 Spiked Gnoll Club.
» Obtain 3 Proof of Echeloch or 3 Kobold Plated Coif.
» Obtain 3 Proof of Emuloch or 3 Emuloch Horned Helm.
3. Talk to Nel.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 0 Gold (Icon).png 0 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png

If Proofs are given:

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If other items are given:

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