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Torrin (NPC).png
Original Name Tamein
Alignment Royal Kingdom
Race Human
Occupation Priest
Location Mercenary Outpost, Colhen

Torrin is the archbishop of the Kingdom.

Born into the family of priests, Torrin possesses knowledge passed for generations, thus retaining his character as the priest.

He is usually a gentle soul, always willing to help. But when the heresy is involved, his warm smile shifts into a serious cold expression.

As the Goddess's incompetent servant, I am being judged by the sword of the Pontiff's Court.
~ 'Torrin'


His first appearance is in Season 1 Episode 5 of the story. He arrives to Colhen as an official escort for a special kind of holy artifact. He lost a relic in Fobellow Prairie, and calls on the mercenaries to retrieve it.

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • .......
  • I'm worried about hte expeditionary unit that was dispatched to Fobellow Prairie. I hear that it is difficlt to find even the most basic things such as water. It's really all my fault. I should have sacrificed myself to protect the sacred object...
  • It seems like a cozy town. I think I'll stay a while.


  • For some unknown reason, Torrin refused to help Brynn in the story Priest of the Pontiff's Court and quickly left his Magic Laboratory after entering.