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Title Type Description Requirements STR AGI INT WIL HP
Absent-Minded Killer Event (Supply Depot) A title reserved for those who've fought so hard that they lost track of time. Surely Clodagh has finished that hat by now! Defeat 1000 Gnolls (P). Only discovered after buying the Holiday Spirit Pack in the Supply Depot. - - - - -
Asuna Bully Brigade Event (SAO Crossover Event) You have refined the art of tormenting Asuna. Though you may never get another one of her sandwiches, the memories will last a lifetime. Give Asuna 30 Scavanged Toad Meat. Only unlocked after receiving the "Asuna the Chef" Event Quest. - - - - -
Cream-Filled Event (NA) You got something creamy and sticky from the Succubus. And she gave you a chocolate, too! Complete the story Event: Her Chocolate on Valentine's Day of 2013. - - - - -
Early Bird Beta The early bird catches the worm! (Note: This title is reserved for those who created and played a character using the same account ID in both Closed Beta and Early Access Beta.) Talk to the Strange Cat. STR+1 AGI+1 INT+1 WIL+1 -
First Player Supply Depot Those who seek the land of paradise called Erinn... Your story begins now. Purchase the Rookie Package from the Supply Depot. STR+1 AGI+1 INT+1 WIL+1 -
Master Baiter Event (Fishing) Catch a special jellyfish during the Valentine's event. - - - - -
Master of Bingo Event (EU) You've learned about Bingo. Will it be interesting? Complete the story Bingo? Bingo. - - - - -
Might of the Pepus Supply Depot Attention! Attention! Ladies and gentlemen, attention! There is a herd of killer rabbits headed this way! This tittle is reserved for those mighty enough to tackle the year of the rabbit. Have a fantastic new year! Purchase the New Year's Renewal Pack from the Supply Depot. STR+1 AGI+1 INT+1 WIL+1 -
Mashing Pumpkins Event A title reserved for those who've defeated enemies with pumpkin heads while searching for the Strange Traveler's lost jack o' lantern. Complete the story Event: Mashing Pumpkins (Halloween 2010). - - - - -
Not As Think As I Drunk You Are Event Shhhstamina Potions... I mean, stamina potions... They're the best, man... I mean, You're the best. They're green. No, no. You're green. Green is such a pretty color... Drink Stamina Potion 20 times. - - - - -
Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Event (NA) Pumpkins and Lace (Halloween Event Title) Complete the story Event: Runaway Pumpkin Halloween 2014. - - - - -
PWND by GLaDOS Event You should always help those in need. Even if they're...a box?
Just make sure't just messing with you...
Complete the story Event: Strange Travelers (April 1st 2011). - - - - -
Received chocolate from succubus Event (EU) Got the chocolate from succubus.
How does it taste?
Complete the story Event: Chocolate for her on Valentine's Day of 2013. - - - - -
Share Love Event (EU) Share your love with all people in town through chocolate. Give 3 sets of 3 Valentine's Chocolate to NPCs during the 2013 story: Event: Valentine's Day Chocolate. - - - - -
Snowballer Event A title reserved for those who are deadly with snowballs. If you can earn this title, then you can more than hold your own in a snowball fight. Defeat enemies with snowballs 0/10. - - - - -
Snowballing Master Event A title reserved for snowball flingin' masters. Defeat enemies with snowballs 0/500. - - - - -
Spreading Love Event (NA) You spread love to the entire town with chocolates. Give 3 sets of 3 Valentine's Chocolate to NPCs during the 2013 story: Event: Valentine's Chocolate. - - - - -
Swag Owner Beta You've earned the right to walk with a swagger, 'cause you're loaded with a hot piece of swag. Collect 20 Old Leather and give them to Kirstie. - - - - -
Sweet Taste Event (EU) Sweet scent spreads all over the body. Complete the story Event: Sweet Recipe. - - - - -
Thoughtful Giftgiver Event Give chocolates to any NPC on Valentine's. - - - - -
Trick-or-Treat Event If you don't give me candy, I'll play a prank on you! Complete the story Event: Pumpkin Candy (Halloween 2010). - - - - -