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Title Type Description Requirements STR AGI INT WIL HP
Counterattack Master Skill Pay back enemies with successful counterattacks. Block, then attack! Successfully Counterattack 500 times - - - WIL+2 -
Elegant Punisher Skill You defeated 35 enemies with Ivy Sweep. Finish 35 enemies with Ivy Sweep STR+6 - - WIL+12 -
Elite Commander Story A title reserved for those who collect the entire Elite Commander set. It must have had another owner in the past. But who? Complete the story Elite Commander - - - - -
Long Hammer Bearer Combat A title reserved for those who have defeated 30 enemies with a powerful object. Kill 30 monsters with heavy objects such as pillar blocks or large icicle fragments. STR+5 - - WIL+5 -
Shield Basher Skill Shield Bash is great for weakening enemies! Use the skill SP: Shield Bash 500 times - - - WIL+2 -
Shield Repairer Skill Always keep your shield in good condition! Use the skill SP: Shield Repair 500 times STR+3 - - - -
Strong as a Dam Skill A title reserved for those who use the SP Skill: Shield Charge.You can block and overcome anything as great as a mighty waterfall. Use SP Skill: Shield Charge 1 time STR+2 AGI+3 - - -
Strong Supporter Combat A title deserved for those who have defeated Quiremigal with a kick. Defeat Quiremigal with a kick STR+5 - - WIL+9 -
The Amaranth Skill Amaranth Kick makes enemies fly far, far away! Defeat enemies with Amaranth Kick 1000 times STR+2 - - - -
The Blossom Skill Blossom Blow knocks enemies to the ground. Defeat 1000 enemies with Blossom Blow - - - WIL+2 -
The Butterfly Skill Butterfly Swing is useful for flinging enemies into the distance. Defeat enemy with Butterfly Swing 1000 times STR+2 - - - -
The Stigma Skill Stigma Hammer is perfect for flattening enemies like pancakes. Defeat enemy with Stigma Hammer 1000 times STR+2 - - - -
Through Hell or Highwater Equipment A title reserved for those who collect the entire Sweetie Bear set. You may feel obligated to wear it, hot or cold, so as not to piss Clodagh off... Complete the Sweetie Bear Set and show it to Clodagh - AGI+3 INT+1 - -