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Title Type Description Requirements STR AGI INT WIL HP
Frostbreaker Boss A title given to those powerful enough to slay Stribog. Defeat Stribog in Frosted Omen 5 times. STR+5 AGI+5 INT+5 WIL+5 -
Godkiller Boss A title given to those able to overpower Ancient Elchulus. Defeat Ancient Elchulus in The God of Fomors 5 times. STR+8 AGI+8 INT+8 WIL+8 -
Hunger Buster Boss A title given to those who put the Ravenous Queen out of her misery. Defeat Ravenous Queen in An Ancient Race 5 times. STR+6 AGI+6 INT+6 WIL+6 -
Landstander Boss You could bring that dragon out of the sky with your eyes closed. Siglint Collision Crash succeeded 0/15 - - - - -
Rock Crusher Boss Siglint defeated. Siglint defeated (P) 0/5 STR+8 AGI+8 INT+8 WIL+8 -
Brain Freezer Boss Grab a shard of ice and aim for his head. Destroy a piece of Beokros's ice 0/15 - - - - -
Defroster Boss Beokros defeated. Beokros defeated (P) 0/5 STR+5 AGI+5 INT+5 WIL+5 -
Defeated Ancient Rupacitus Boss Ancient Rupacitus Defeated Defeat Ancient Rupacitus in Corrupting Evil 5 times. STR+6 AGI+6 INT+6 WIL+6 -
Ancient God Hunter Boss A title for those who've defeated the Ancient Lakoria. Defeat Ancient Lakoria in The Peerless One 5 times. STR+6 AGI+6 INT+6 WIL+6 -
Snake Leather Ruiner Combat You can see it coming, even with your eyes closed. Hit Lakoria with the Ballista 0/30 - - - - -
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