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Title Type Description Requirements STR AGI INT WIL HP
Atomic Furnace Boss You came out victorious from that intensely hot battle. Defeat Enzo (P) 0/5 STR+4 AGI+4 INT+4 WIL+4 -
Conqueror of Death Boss You defeated Cromm Cruaich. Defeat Cromm Cruaich (P) 0/5 STR+5 AGI+5 INT+5 WIL+5 -
Cromm's Plaything Boss Cromm Cruaich didn't like you very much. Sometimes being bound ain't so bad. Get caught by Cromm Cruaich 50 Times 0/50 - - - - -
El Matador Boss You blocked many of Lavasat's charges. You're the master of bullfighting! Conquer Lavasat's Lava Charge 0/20 STR+2 AGI+1 - WIL+2 -
Hellspawn Vanquisher Boss You defeated Lavasat and entered Annwyn. Defeat Lavasat (P) 0/5 STR+4 AGI+4 INT+4 WIL+4 -
Savior of the Isles Boss You saved Malina from Ulchas. Defeat Ulchas (P) 0/5 STR+3 AGI+3 INT+3 WIL+3 -
The Untouchable Boss You didn't even break a sweat at the God of Death. Dodge all of Cromm Cruaich's conflagration attacks 0/1 STR+3 - INT+3 WIL+1 -
Volcanic Defuser Boss I'm going to be one to take care of the Volcanic Gigabomb! Defeat the Volcanic Gigabomb before it explodes 0/20 STR+3 - INT+3 WIL+1 -