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Tieve (NPC).png
Original Name Ti
Alignment Colhen
Race Human
Occupation Oracle and Innkeeper
Location Inn, Colhen
Temple, Rocheste Fields

Tieve is the sole oracle in Colhen and is in charge of ancestral rituals, such as memorial rites and christenings. She helps Ernmass at the Inn when she’s not at the Temple.

Nobody knows where she came from or who her original parents were, but it was Ernmass who brought her into the village, which is why she usually treats Ernmass as her grandfather.

She has the gift of communicating with animals. It is also likely that she can transcend the language barrier and communicate with Fomors.

She is beautiful, kind, and beloved by everyone in the village. What’s even more rare is that she’s always putting herself into the position of others to understand their feelings. This usually leads to cases when she becomes emotionally overburdened by misfortunes of other people that go far beyond feelings of sorrow.

She sees the good in everyone and everything. Tieve has been waiting to hear the voice of the goddess, but so far has heard only silence. This worries her greatly and sometimes makes her wonder if she’s really an oracle at all.

In the path to Rocheste, there is a Temple not far from Colhen. Tieve occasionally comes to that area to worship the goddess.

The first time I heard the voice of an animal, I was very young. It was a starling sitting in one of the Inn's windowsills. He was a beautiful creature with a beautiful mind.
~ 'Tieve'


Spoiler: (Episode 6) Prior to the events of Colhen in Flames, Clodagh was kidnapped. It was shortly revealed that Warlord Black Hammer was assigned to kidnap the oracle, Tieve, but stole her friend by accident, upsetting Shakarr. In the aftermath, Shakarr says that they will never know who will be victorious as the Fomorians failed to capture the oracle.
Spoiler: (Episode 9) Naveen reveals that Tieve is the true prophesied oracle of Morrighan for her body and soul are slowly being transferred to Erinn. She fades and sleeps uncontrollably for this reason.
Spoiler: (Episode 10) As the event continues to unfold and the fight to break the "Seal of the Fomorian God" continues, Tieve is brought closer and closer to fulfilling her "destiny". As Keaghan confronts the dragon Elchulus in a bid to save Tieve from her fate, Morrighan begins to awaken from her. When Keaghan begins to fall into his destiny as the reborn Fomor God Cichol, Tieve becomes Morrighan and thus completes Chapter 1 of Vindictus. Ironically, Keaghan is now set to destroy Erinn in order to save Tieve yet Tieve is now Morrighan who is charged to protect Erinn.

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "The first time I heard the voice of an animal, I was very young. It was a starling sitting in one of the Inn's windowsills. He was a beautiful creature...with a beautiful mind."
  • "I spend much of my time alone at the temple, so I enjoy having someone to talk to. (Tieve smiles at you.) Thanks for talking to me."
  • "Clodagh and I visited Rocheste a few years ago. Clodagh almost fainted from joy. We wandered aimlessly, enjoying each new sight, until we realized we were hopelessly lost. We were so frightened. We just hugged each other and cried. (Tieve laughs.) We were so young back then!"
  • "Since Priest Herion returned to Rocheste, we haven't had a priest in Colhen. (Tieve looks worried.) I hope a new priest arrives soon. Perhaps he could teach me... Oh, nothing. Never mind."
  • "Marrec and I are childhood friends. We all grew up together, Keaghan Brynn, Marrec, Clodagh, and me. Marrec was the shortest, so we teased him. He used to get so upset, but he's a mercenary now! Imagine that!"
  • "Once, I almost drowned in the Ignacht River. If it weren't for my friends, I might not be here today."
  • "Clodagh talks about her brother all the time. He's in Rocheste training to join the Royal Army."
  • "Kirstie goes with me to the temple sometimes. I tell her I'm fine, but she insists. (Tieve frowns.) A lot of people tell me it's dangerous to leave town alone."
  • "(Tieve bites her lip.) Ferghus has been hammering non-stop for days. I hope he doesn't overwork himself."
  • "When the giant spider attacked, people were paralyzed with fear. But he was just scared! Humans aren't the only ones afraid of pain, you know. He had such a pure spirit..."
  • "Kirstie looked a fright when she first came to Colhen, her gorgeous red hair soaked in the rain. But then people saw that she was warm and kind. I hope no one does anything drastic when they find out she brought a lizardman into Colhen..."
  • "People call me an oracle, but the goddess has never once spoken to me... Or maybe she has... but I just didn't hear her. (Tieve bites her lip.) Everyone is relying on me..."
  • "The Ignacht River is breathtaking. Azure waters glittering in the sun... I love it! Of course, I have Keaghan to thank for that. After the time I almost drowned, he spent hounts with me at a shallow part of the river as I learned to trust water again."
  • "If you have questions, talk to Brynn. He knows everything! Oh, he'll likely complain that he's too busy to help. (Tieve laughs lightly.) In the end, you'll realize he answered all your questions."
  • "Brynn is so kind. Once, when I was baking cookies, I accidentally used salt instead of sugar. Brynn sat there and ate every last one, purposely not leaving me any, so I couldn't taste my mistake. (Tieve laughs happily.) He drank six cups of tea that day!"
  • "Something terrible must have happened in Ainle. People look so frightened, but no one's saying a word about it!"
  • "Once, I had to perform a memorial rite for a baby who never even saw his first birthday. (Tieve smiles sadly.) Why can't we all just live in eternal happiness?"
  • "(Tieve laughs.) I made so many mistakes during my first ceremony! Even my ceremonial dress was complicated. It took half the day just to get dressed."
  • "Marrec hides behind his helmet. According to Aodhan, he even sleeps with his helmet on! (Tieve looks at you with wide eyes.) That...that can't be true, can it?"
  • "I know Brynn seems unapproachable, but he's actually a kind, generous person."
  • "I taught Clodagh how to sew, but she's much better at it. She's so gifted and so diligent. I really admire her."
  • "Are you friend with Kirstie? She's aloof with strangers, but once you get to know her, she's the warmest person in the world."


  • In the prologue of Vindictus or at the Temple, you can see Tieve donning the outfit of the Goddess Morrighan. It is the outfit all oracles wear, it seems, as Seanna wears it as well.
  • During the closed beta of the game, Tieve would reward each character with 10,000 gold for participating in the beta. Of course, this gold was wiped along with the rest of the character information during the transition from closed to open beta.
  • She is a childhood friend of Clodagh, Marrec, and Keaghan. Ernmass is her grandfather.
  • She has a dog named Theo, who is right outside of the Inn, in front of the mailbox.
  • In Event: The Brain Tickler, Strange Traveler states she dates Keaghan.

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