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*[[Dreamwalker Twin Swords]]
*[[Dreamwalker Twin Swords]]
*[[Dreamwalker Staff]]
*[[Dreamwalker Staff]]
*[[Ghost Ring]]
*[[Ghostly Ring]]
*[[Solid Thor Leather Belt]]
*[[Solid Thor Leather Belt]]
|hero drops=
|hero drops=

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Thor - [[:Category:|]]
Skills and Attacks
  • Stops, and leaps a far distance onto a player.
  • Strikes out three times with his snout. Hits twice.
  • Turning in melee range like Irukul hurts the player.
  • Sweeps his left claw at the player. May immediately turn back (see above), resulting in a two-hit combo.
  • Stops, roars, and charges towards the player while Electrified. Easy to Dodge, but high damage.
  • Stomps the ground, lifts his mouth into the air, roars and shoots Electricity throughout the room. Only damages you if you're standing in the water or if you touch him, but is unblockable. Hits twice for extremely high damage, a one-hit ko if you touch him.
  • At low health, Thor gains a massive increase in speed (comparable to hero mode boost).
Battle Tips and Advice
  • Thor is not a difficult raid boss to kill as all his attacks only hit once or twice and they aren't combo'd until he reaches low health. As long as the party does not get reckless, the mission is won.
  • When Thor stomps the ground for the aoe attack, all players must be on land. Thor's electricity cannot damage you on dry land (dirt doesn`t conduct electricity, go figure). DO NOT touch Thor during this attack! Touching him with any part of your character (leg, sword) while he`s surging electricity WILL kill you. Evie's Mana Amber spell is able to avoid it and Lanns can Slip Dash through it (remember that it hits twice). However, a Fiona cannot guard against it.
  • Learning when he stops channeling electricity during his aoe attack will give you the largest opening to attack him.
  • At low health, Thor's attack speed and movement speed multiplies by 2, resulting in much faster attacks, and his abilities become harder to dodge. He can essentially chain all his attacks together and your openings to attack him are limited to flanking, after he charges, and after his aoe.
  • Thor`s break is notoriously difficult to get without a well-prepared and coordinated party.
Additional Notes
  • Two players ( preferably Lanns ) must Chain Hook opposite sides of Thor's Mouth. If successful, Thor's mouth will open up, and he will be grounded, leaving his tongue/second mouth hanging out. Unlike all other breaks up to this point getting Thor's break is not dependent on how many times you strike the hit box, but on dealing enough damage to the tongue.
  • The best, and honestly the only, opportunity to hook Thor's mouth is the 1.5 second window after his AOE attack. Thus positioning Thor is key. The area directly to the right of where you is the ideal place to have him.
  • The Chain Hook must be aimed at the TIP of Thor's mouth. Chaining the back of his mouth does nothing.
  • After chaining successfully, the two chainers MUST continually pull backwards to keep his mouth open for the longest amount of time.
  • Anything striking Thor's mouth while he's chained will instantly make him flinch and toss the chains off. You must directly face his open mouth to avoid his mouth flaps. Also know the range of your attacks and hit at the tip of it.
  • There are several items in the area (they look like small metal rods with an open area on top for a small torch-fire) that can be used by Fionas and Lanns to deal MASSIVE damage to Thor's tongue.
  • Fiona's shield charge deals great damage to the tongue, but must be cancelled before hitting Thor himself.
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