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The Sleeping Oracle Req. Level:
You must have completed the story "So Sorry".
Tieve (NPC).png Tieve (NPC).png
Starts with Tieve Ends with Tieve
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Tieve at the Inn.
2. Talk to Aislinn at the General Store.
3. Find 1 Bryialne Heart, 1 Eflame Heart, and 1 Argontel Heart.
4. Talk to Aislinn at the General Store.
5. Talk to Tieve at the Inn.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 5,000 Gold (Icon).png 29,100 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Title (Icon).png   Title
Sleeping Oracle's Messenger
Story Dialogue
Visit Tieve.
Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

I heard you stopped by earlier to get some of my seasoning, <Karok>.

(Tieve puts a hand to her lip.)
I'm curious...How did Aislinn's dish turn out?

(You tell her the dish wasn't, er, quite what you expected.)
Oh, no. Poor Aislinn. It's my fault.

You see, I temporarily put some other seasoning
into that jar, and I didn't change the labels. I

should have been there to give you the right seasoning.
I must've been sleeping really soundly.

Grandpa said he tried to wake me,
but I don't remember it at all.

(Tieve notices the alarmed expression on you face.)
Oh! No, don't worry. I only dozed off for a few minutes. Don't fret.

But if you head to the General Store later today,
can you apologize to Aislinn for me?

Give here [sic] these pancakes, too.


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Reward: Pancake
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You discovered the title: Sleeping Oracle's Messenger.
Give Aislinn Tieve's apology.
Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

(Aislinn lets out a sigh of relief.)
So that explains it! I was worried I was losing my touch!

I'm glad Tieve sent you to tell me. And she made me pancakes, too.
How sweet.

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Delivered [[Pancake|Pancake]]
Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

I'm actually a pretty good cook. I'll cook you something sometime,
hm? I'll make sure I get the right seasoning, too.

I do find it odd that Tieve was asleep. I think Kirstie mentioned
something about that a few days ago, too.

Sleeping Oracle (Dialogue).png

She said she went to meet Tieve at the temple and found her
leaning against the altar, fast asleep.

She tried to wake her but couldn't...
She said she just waited and waited, and Tieve finally woke up

on her own. Poor dear, she must be exhausted.
The Inn is swamped with all those refugees, yet she still found time

to make me these pancakes.
I want to do something nice for her.

And I know just the things! You've encountered wisps, right?
Their hearts are gorgeous! I saw Brynn with one once.

Could you bring me a heart of each of the major wisps?
That's Bryialne, Eflame, and Argontel, I think.

I'll put them into a bottle for Tieve.

Find 1 Bryialne Heart, 1 Eflame Heart, and 1 Argontel Heart, and take them to Aislinn.
Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

Oh, you got all the hearts? This'll make the perfect gift for Tieve!

(If you select "Keep")
Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

Do you need them for something else?
Oh well, then. I understand.

(If you select "Give")
Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn


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Delivered [[Argontel Heart|Argontel Heart]]
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Delivered [[Bryialne Heart|Bryialne Heart]]
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Delivered [[Eflame Heart|Eflame Heart]]
Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

And now, I'll just put them all into a bottle. Oh, don't worry.
Brynn told me these aren't dangerous.

(Aislinn holds up the finished bottle. The hearts flutter and glow
in various colors inside. It's mesmerizing.)

Look how pretty this is! Clodagh! Come here for a second.
I need to ask you for a favor.

Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh


Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

Can you give this to Tieve for me? Tell her I'm not upset at her, not
even a little. And thank her for the pancakes, too.

Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

Why do I have to do this? Why don't you do it yourself?

Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

I have to watch the store... Plus, I'm shy about these things, okay?

Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

(Clodagh sighs.)
Fine, fine. But I'm busy, too, you know?

(Clodagh turns to you.)
<Karok>, come with me, okay? Let's go to the Inn.

Visit Tieve.
Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

(Tieve looks frantic.)
What did Aislinn say? Was she furious at me?

Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

(Clodagh barges in through the door, huffing and puffing.)
<Karok>! Why do you walk so fast? I couldn't keep up!

(Clodagh turns to Tieve and hands her the present.)
Aislinn put these wisp hearts in a bottle. Pretty, isn't it?

She wants me to thank you for the pancakes and tell
you that she's not upset at all. Not even a little bit.

Okay, gotta go. Bye!

Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

Wait, Clodagh-- She's gone! She must be busy, too.
I didn't even get to thank her for delivering the message!

I think I need to thank you, too, <Karok>.
You got these wisp hearts for Aislinn, didn't you?

Thank you. For everything.

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You received the title: Sleeping Oracle's Messenger.