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The Reaper
The Reaper (Enemy).png
Type Vampire
Location Ainle (boss of Dead End Street, sub boss of Blood Prince)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 30 Exp: 576 HP by Group Size - 1: 9,113 2: 12,1503: 15,795 4: 20,655
Att: 3,381 Def: 1,744 Crit: 16 Res: 26 CritDmg: 120%    

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Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Normal / Hard Mode Brown Vampire Tunic, Dark Cloth, Leather Sheath, Vampire Essence, Vampire Image, Vampire Shoulder Plate, Split Blade Vampiric Bow, Vampiric Cestus, Steel Buckler Advanced Enhancement Stone
Hero Mode Brown Vampire Tunic, Dark Cloth, Leather Sheath, Vampire Essence, Vampire Image, Vampire Shoulder Plate, Split Blade Vampiric Bow, Vampiric Cestus, Steel Buckler, Broken Ash Hood, Broken Ash Leggings, Rose Drop Frill Skirt, Rose Drop Tube Top, Blood Prince Breastplate Advanced Enhancement Stone, Enhancement Elixir, Yeti Enchant Scroll, Quality Enchant Scroll, Epic Enhancement Stone

Quest-Only Drops[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Stabs/slashes forward once
  • Stabs/slashes forward, and then slashes/smashes the ground. The second hit will track you.
  • Pull back its arm to charge a ranged attack.
    • This attack will track a little bit and is a smash.
    • He will usually use this attack a few times in a row.

Tips & Advice[]


  • Spear Lanns can simply use hurricane to stay at his back while doing damage, Sword Lanns will be hard pressed to dps as he can easily hit you before you recover from a combo.
  • Slip dash + double crescent is the safest method to do damage, but the damage is quite low, and if you try to do a gliding fury afterwards, make sure to aim away from him so that you just graze him, otherwise he will be able to hit you before you recover.


  • Can duck under the ranged stab with Heavy Stander.
  • There are two versions to his 2-hit combo. The first is a quick jab with his claw followed quickly by a downward slash. It is only possible to counter the 2nd hit (the slash) as any attempt at countering the jab will be interrupted. The second version is a swipe with his claw followed by a stab. This one you can safely counter both hits; hold the guard button as soon as you counter the first hit and you should perfect guard the second.
  • Leading him into the main area will reduce the frequency of the re spawning Royal Guards, though they will eventually come.
  • The Campfire bonus is the main difference between easy success and utter failure. all his attacks are guardable except the ranged stab and his only one hit melee attack is easy to spot, so he is dead easy with the campfire buff to support your shield, but next to impossible if it breaks, as a broken shield only blocks 50-70 percent of the damage it takes and cannot be used for counters. it is best to camp in the second room, just after the point where you get ambushed just before you leave to prevent running out of time.


  • Easy to dodge all of The Reaper's attacks. Much easier as a Scythe Evie. If he does his charged attack, run close to him and around him to avoid getting hit. Staying close to him will stop him from using the attack again, and going on with the rest of his attacks.
  • Keep your distance from him as well, but stay close enough to where he doesn't use his Charged Stab. If the distance is right, his attacks won't hit you, and you'll have an opening before he starts attacking again. The best ability to use is Hell Quake ( LL + R ). It's fast to use, does good damage, and you aren't at risk of getting hit by him when he gets done with his short recovery time.


  • Absorb Shock will be the most useful way to avoid damage with this boss.
  • When he switches to his ranged attack, focus on dodging the blows rather than trying to absorb the damage.
  • At the start of the fight, grabbing the vampires will clear out the mobs, and grants temporary invulnerability while killing them all off.

Additional Notes[]

The Reaper is extremely fast. He can be quite tough, especially if you're alone or even as a pair.

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