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For a related variant, see The Blood Prince (Labyrinth).
The Blood Prince
The Blood Prince (Enemy).png
Type Vampire
Location Ainle
(Boss of Blood Prince)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 34 Exp: 714 HP by Group Size - 1: 16,380 2: 21,8403: 28,392 4: 37,128

Att: 3,944 Def: 2,028 Crit: 32 Res: 31 CritDmg: 130%

Related Titles[]

  • Prince Piercer
  • Princely Blade Breaker
  • The Blood Prince Destroyer


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Normal / Hard Mode Blood Prince Tunic, Blood Prince Emblem, Blood Prince Crown, Dark Cloth, Leather Sheath, Original Blood Prince Greaves, Original Blood Prince Boots, Ulchas's Holy Sword, Vampire Essence, Vampire Spear Blood Prince Helm Advanced Enhancement Stone,
Hero Mode Blood Prince Tunic, Blood Prince Emblem, Blood Prince Crown, Dark Cloth, Leather Sheath, Original Blood Prince Greaves, Original Blood Prince Boots, Ulchas's Holy Sword, Vampire Essence, Vampire Spear Blood Prince Helm Advanced Enhancement Stone, Epic Enhancement Stone, Fine Enchant Scroll, Maelstrom Enchant Scroll, Prideful Enchant Scroll, Stone Enchant Scroll, Valor Enchant Scroll, Yeti Enchant Scroll
Break Off Blood Prince Gauntlet

Quest-Only Drops[]

Break Off Tips[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Fireball throw, tracks you.
  • Charge fireball, then wave his hand, cause damage in a small AoE around him, then quickly throw a fireball at target. This skill has limited range. When he's using this skill, the orb in his hand is larger than a normal fireball throw.
  • Stabs forward once
  • Stabs forward, twirls once, then stabs again (Direction predictable)
  • Stabs forward, twirls, stabs again and slashes (Direction predictable)
  • Slashes, then stabs. The second stab will track. (He will turn around to slash you if you're behind him)
  • Spreads his arms while leaning backwards, then leaps forward and then leaps backwards. He has a very long recovery time for this. This is also a smash
  • Slashes with his hand while turning.

Tips & Advice[]


  • Mostly he behaves pretty much like any other lancer boss so the same tactics work, get a camp bonus and spam counters.
  • His quick fireball tracks rather well, so a roll when he launches it is required for a guaranteed dodge, though you're much better off blocking it and then counterattacking.
  • If you HS the AOE wave of his smash fireball, you will not be damaged by the ensuing fireball, even if it visually hits you. Alternatively you can just run away from him as there is a range limit to this attack.
  • Try to stay on his right side (in front of his lance) so you can always counter attack (which counts as a hit towards breaking it).
  • Once his lance is broken, the range of ALL his melee attacks decrease by a noticeable amount. While usually a good thing, this also means that you're going to have to be really close and on his right side in order to counter any melee attacks.
  • His leaping attack is the perfect opportunity for an Amaranth Kick. All other periods of vulnerability (except being down) allow for only a Blossom Blow.
  • It's actually possible to counter both blows in his Slash + Stab combo (the fourth melee combo listed). Simply hold guard after you perform the first counter attack.


  • Unless your in a party swords are best for this guy due to his lack of opening's, making double crescent your best option for hitting him.
Lances are good in party because when theres no one next to BP while hes casting a fireball he will not make it fly around his body, giving you the perfect opening to chain the (Lx4,R) combo, just make sure you start it away from his body, and time it so your just getting to him as he shoots the fireball.
  • It's best to dodge every attack, then right after he attacks slide in and do a double crescent and retreat. This can be dangerous for the attacks where he stabs because its hard to decide when hes going to stop attacking.
  • The best opening and the only one you can combo on is the one where he jumps backwards, he will do a forward grab with his arms, then jump directly back, this gives you a chance for at least a (Lx3,R) combo, this combo also gives you a fair chance to land a gliding fury as well.
  • It's best to stay to the left side of BP while doing double crescent, although this puts you closer to his lance, it is likely that you will get a critical as you preform 3 smashes with double crescent, and off a critical you can cast gliding fury, which not only deals a fair amount of damage, but if you aren't pointed directly at him, it doubles as a speedy retreat.


  • Hop when he launches the quick fireball to guarantee the dodge.
  • Run out of range of his slow fireball.
  • In general staying to his left side (away from the lance) will cause most of the stabs to miss you (the slash is melee aoe).
  • Again his leaping attack is the biggest window you have to get your attacks in.
  • A wisp can help you with this fight. When he does his normal swing, and leaps backwards, he has a long time recovery, and it is the perfect time to use your LL+R+E to get the Summon Wisp ability. Even though the Wisp has low HP, it is perfect to use to not only distract The Blood Prince, but will also help knock him down faster, allowing you to get more attacks in.

Additional Notes[]

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