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For a related variant, see The Blood Lord (Labyrinth).
For the resurrected, higher level variant, see Blood Lord Reborn.
The Blood Lord
The Blood Lord (Enemy).png
Type Vampire
Location Ainle
(Boss of Shadowed by Darkness)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


The leader of vampires invading Ainle from another world.

The rumors go that there was a poor man, whose family has been tortured by his enemies while the man was absent, eventually murdering them in a brutal fashion. When the man returned, he was met with a horrible sight. He spent days in the house, caressing the already frozen corpses of his family. On the next day, on the dark moonless night, the man was reborn as the lord of the vampires, the Blood Lord.


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 48 Exp: 1,326 HP by Group Size - 1: 192,780 2: 192,7803: 192,780 4: 192,780

Att: 6,061 Def: 3,136 Crit: 35 Res: 45 CritDmg: 150%

Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Normal / Hard Mode Blood Lord Blood, Vampire Essence, Vampire Lord Armor, Vampire Lord Boots, Vampire Lord Gloves, Vampire Lord Leg Armor, Vampire Lord Mask Epic Enhancement Stone
Hero Mode Blood Lord Blood, Vampire Essence, Vampire Lord Armor, Vampire Lord Boots, Vampire Lord Gloves, Vampire Lord Leg Armor, Vampire Lord Mask Adjusted Enchant Scroll, Brilliance Enchant Scroll, Empowered Enhancement Stone, Enhanced Enchant Scroll, Enhancement Elixir, Epic Enhancement Stone, Hateful Enchant Scroll, Intense Enchant Scroll, Ornate Enchant Scroll, Relentless Enchant Scroll, Vigorous Enchant Scroll
Break Offs Blood Lord's Hair

Quest-Only Drops[]

Break Off Tips[]

  • Location: Head
    • Number of hits: 3 (1 hit per flinch, 3 times)
    • Tips: Spears. Spears, Vella's Frostbite. Kai's Hand Bombs is highly effective. The best opportunities for spears is at the very beginning of the battle while The Blood Lord is immobile, while The Blood Lord is using his flame-breath, and during its meteor shower.
    • Reward: Blood Lord's Hair

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Slashes directly in front of him twice; horizontally and then vertically.
  • Slashes while turning around.
  • Glides in a straight line while slashing.
  • Like his siblings, he can conjure flames and dives in the direction he is facing. However, he can do this consecutively.
  • Inhales and throws flames from his mouth. This attack has medium range and can be aimed slightly while being used. While the skill is active, his body is on fire and physical contact will cause damage and inflict Flames from Another World.
  • Pauses and lowers his head and arms, then rises up into the air and drops meteors onto the field in a medium sized radius around him. Has a pattern. While The Blood Lord is rising into the air his body is on fire and can cause damage if touched. An "eye of the storm" or safe zone exists immediately below The Blood Lord.
  • Pauses and lowers his head and arms, then rapidly flails his blades around himself in all directions.
  • Pauses and lowers his head and arms, then proceeds to use 5 gliding slashes in several directions. Has a pattern. Roars after the attack is finished.

Tips & Advice[]

  • The Blood Lord does not often physically move around the map; rather, he uses a skill similar to an Evie's Blink and warps. The Blood Lord will always warp to a player, and always pops out from behind which way the character is facing. However, he will sometimes run from one player to another, but does not always attack.
    • The Blood Lord will often attack a player after warping behind them with a variety of attacks. Sometimes he will appear upside down and drop on top of the player and slash them, other times he will use flame-dive, or his gliding-blade attack. In some cases he will not attack immediately, but will prepare to use either meteor shower, flail, or his version of Lann's Active: Fury No.7.
    • The Blood Lord will sometimes not attack at all and will simply warp again, or rarely he will appear and laugh. When The Blood Lord is low on health, he will also appear to be in pain by grabbing his arm which makes him vulnerable to attacks for several moments.
      • Note: The Blood Lord's blink causes minor damage and a small stun if a player should get hit by it, which could potentially be fatal if an attack is aimed in the player's direction. This can be generally avoided by maintaining a small distance from other players.
  • While The Blood Lord is rising into the air before a meteor storm, he sets himself on fire and any physical body contact will result in being damaged, which could potentially knock any player into the subsequent meteor storm.
    • However, there is a small area directly beneath The Blood Lord after he rises that is safe; an "eye of the storm" as it were. Heroes with good timing, or heroes with an overhead swing (namely Hammer Fiona, Spear Lann and Scythe Evie, but also Staff Evie's Firebolt and Sword Fiona's full Ivy Sweep) can damage The Blood Lord while he is in the air or immediately after he lands.
    • It is possible though risky for a Scythe Evie to Blink through the damage zone into the safe zone and execute a complete Invisible Loom allowing them to trigger Bloody Threads about the same time The Blood Lord is descending.
  • The absolutely best method for taking down The Blood Lord in a timely manner is to use the Light of Palala. Party leaders should remind members to purchase and equip these before the battle begins.
    • For otherwise unorganized battles, it is best to use the Light of Palalas from the top of the party list to the bottom (or vice versa), and to have some pre-planned way to indicate that a player has run out of their Light of Palalas. Common methods are shouting "out", which can be dangerous since players must pause to type, or repeatedly using the F1-f4 keys for macro chat.
      • This prevents confusion and disorganization that could potentially waste the Light of Palalas, time, and money.
  • Unlike other bosses, Summon Golem is extremely ineffective.
  • Fionas should be wary, as The Blood Lord possesses many smash attacks, but does have normal attacks that Fiona can Counterattack with a Small Shield. Namely his frontal swipe, but The Blood Lord oddly has weaker versions of his glide attacks that aren't smashes; however, recognizing the difference is difficult. That being said, it is usually more effective and safe to use a Large Shield for this battle.
  • Campfire's buff is invaluable. Be aware that when incapacitated the buff disappears, and if the battle wears on shields can break under duress. Either be sure not to die, or keep at least 2 SP bars full for an emergency SP: Shield Repair.
  • Like other bosses, do not constantly attack The Blood Lord; take some time to land hits and run away so that he can't get a shot at you.
  • Keep moving! You may never know if he'll warp behind you.


  • Clash when he lunges forward with both claws. Stand in front of him when he does. He sometimes does this attack immediately after a sideways dash slice.
  • For Cestus users, getting under him during the meteor attack is the perfect time to warm up a Big Bang Attack. It will finish around the same time he comes back down.
  • Remember to keep triggering Absorb Shock. It may not soak all the damage, but it makes them hurt a lot less.

Additional Notes[]

The Blood Lord Conqueror - title for killing 2x with kicks.. +12 STR and +12 WIL... one of the better titles. Run on normal mode so Blood Lord has a visible health bar.

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