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Terminus Sentinel Cestus.png
Terminus Sentinel Cestus
Weapon, Cestus Sell Price 35,000 Gold (Icon).png
171 stones

ATT +12278; M. ATT +11830; Balance +72; Critical +48; Attack Speed +19; STR +111; AGI +55; INT +139; WIL +75;  

Restriction (Icon).png
Only for Karok.
For levels 90 and above.
Rank Cestus Mastery 5 and above.
Can Be Traded (Icon).png
Can use all forms of trade

How to Obtain[]

Crafted with the Weaponsmithing expertise

Recommended expertise proficiency: 390
Terminus Sentinel Essence- Weapon.png  Terminus Sentinel Essence: Weapon x 1
Keen Legendary Shard.png  Keen Legendary Shard x 1
Stable Legendary Shard.png  Stable Legendary Shard x 1
Lightweight Legendary Shard.png  Lightweight Legendary Shard x 1
Perfect Legendary Shard.png  Perfect Legendary Shard x 1

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