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DevCAT Face (Icon).png Template Cleanup Needed
This template falls under the Template Cleanup Project. For various reason it has ended up in a horrendous state and needs some tender love and care.


This is a management template for the Template Cleanup Project. Stick this on our ugly, overly complex, or expensive parser function abusing templates. Since this is a template meant to go on template pages, please be sure of one of the following:

  • The taged template's code is enclose in <onlyinclude> tags.
  • This tag is surrounded by <noinclude> tags.

Having both is fine so feel always free to use the <noinclude> if you are not sure if <onlyinclude> is in use (because the code was too jumbled for example). It's better to be safe than sorry.



<noinclude>{{tcup|*Style cleanup