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Sell Price: {{{sell}}} Gold (Icon).png


Can Be Traded (Icon).png This item can be traded.

How to Obtain

How to Obtain Unknown


{{ {{{template|Item}}}
|image= (optional) if the icon name is non standard
|name=exactly as appears in game
|rarity=white, green, blue, purple, orange or gray -- depending on the color of the item name
|sell=number after sell price.
|type= (optional) if available, exactly as appears in game. Value "none" accepted.
|restriction= (optional) if available, exactly as appears in game. Value "none" accepted.
|unique= (optional, defaults to no) "yes", "no", or the number a unique item stacks to (for example, "5")
|desc= item description, exactly as appears in game
|trade= (optional, defaults to yes) "yes" if tradable, "no" if untradable, "story" if the item says it's a story item in game, "practice" if the item says it's a practice item, "cash" if a cash shop item.
|obtain= (optional, if unknown, leave blank) how to obtain the item. For example, Sold by (name), Dropped by (name).
|craft= (optional) if available to craft from an npc, place Template:Recipe here
|expertise= (optional) if available to craft via expertise, place Template:Recipe here
|notes= (optional) additional information related to the item.
|expires= (optional) if an item expires, maximum amount of time before expiration (example: 7 Days)
|enchant= (optional) "no" if item cannot be enchanted
|enhance= (optional) "no" if item cannot be enhanced
|dye= (optional) "no" if item cannot be dyed, "yes" if the item can be dyed. }}

Copy this template when creating an item page.

{{ {{{template|Item}}}
|mag=magic attack
|spd=attack speed