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{{Infobox item
|name= Name of the item if different from the page name (in the case of disambigeous pages)
|icon= (optional) Image link if the image is under an other name
|unique= (optional) yes, if marked as a Unique Item
|expires= (optional) time available, if any specified
|rarity=white, green, blue, purple, orange -- depending on the color of the item name
|type= (optional) Item type, as shown in-game or as classified on the market
|subtype= (optional) Subtype, as shown in-game after the comma or as classified on the market
|category= (optional) If the category should be different than type/subtype
|category2= (optional) If the item should be in an other category too
                       (Mostly in the case of Drops, further categories will go at the end of the page)
|event= (optional - equipment only) If the item is obtained via event, enter 'yes'
|pvp= (optional - equipment only) If the item is obtained via pvp, enter 'yes'
|removed= (optional) If the item has been removed from game, enter 'yes'
|sell=Number after sell price. It will set the number of gold coins for which you can sell the item.
|sellap=If the item is sold for AP, use this parameter. It will replace the gold icon with AP.
|weight= (optional) weight value on equipment
|att= (optional) Attack value
|mag= (optional) Magic Attack value
|pvpatt= (optional) PvP Attack value
|pvpmag= (optional) PvP Magic Attack value
|bal= (optional) Balance value
|crt= (optional) Critical value
|def= (optional) Defense value
|pvpdef= (optional) PvP Defense value
|str= (optional) Strength value
|agi= (optional) Agility value
|int= (optional) Intelligence value
|wil= (optional) Willpower value
|luk= (optional) Luck value
|hp= (optional) HP value
|res= (optional) Critical Resistance value
|sta= (optional) Stamina value
|spd= (optional) Speed value
|movspd= (optional) Movement Speed (Town) value
|cf= (optional) Maximum Counterforce value
|alr= (optional) Maximum Attack Surplus
|oranges= (optional) Orange rarity stats
|purples= (optional) Purple rarity stats
|blues= (optional) Blue rarity stats
|characters= (optional) list of characters
|level= (optional) if restricted by a level requirement
|skill= (optional) if restricted by a skill reuirement
|rank= (optional) if restricted by a rank requirement
|restriction= (optional) if there are any additional restrictions
|set= (optional) the name of the set the item is a part of
|desc= (optional) if any description is shown in-game (Old equipment description will go on the page and not in the infobox)
|trade= (optional) no, if marked as Untradeable; other variants: cash, story, practice, event, account, shareaccount, accountMailandShare, mp, mpAndAccountShare
|wardrobe= (optional) the amount of wardrobe points obtained for having the item in the inventory


{{Infobox item

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