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Sell Price: {{{sell}}} Gold (Icon).png
0 stones

Can Be Traded (Icon).png This item can be traded.

How to Obtain

How to Obtain Unknown




{{ {{{template|Equipment}}}
|image= (optional) if icon uses non standard name |name=exactly as appears in game
|category=category page for the equipment
|implemented= (optional, defaults to yes) yes/no
|incomplete= (optional, defaults to no) yes/no
|rarity= (optional, defaults to white) white, green, or blue, depending on the color of the item name
|sell=number after sell price
|type= (optional) if available, exactly as appears in game
|weight=exactly as appears in game
|unique= (optional, defaults to no) "yes", "no", or the number a unique item stacks to (ie "5")
|DEF=defense bonus
|ATT=attack bonus
|M.ATT=magic attack bonus
|Balance=balance of weapon
|Critical=additional critical strike chance
|Speed=base attack speed boost
|STR=strength bonus
|AGI=agility bonus
|INT=intelligence bonus
|WIL=willpower bonus
|LUK=luck bonus
|HP=hit points bonus
|Stamina=stamina bonus
|Resistance=critical resistance
|level=minimum level required
|rank=minimum rank in required skill
|skill=required skill for item
|restriction= if restricted by class, list classes here
|desc=exactly as appears in game
|set=none, or name of set exactly as appears in game
|trade="yes" if tradeable, "no" if untradeable, "cash" for cash items
|obtain=list methods to obtain. For example, Purchased from [[NPC1]], [[NPC2]], and [[NPC3]].<br />Dropped by [[Enemy1]], [[Enemy2]], and [[Enemy3]]. Obtained from by completing [[Story]].
|craft= (optional) if available to craft from an npc, place Template:Recipe here |expertise= (optional) if available to craft via expertise, place Template:Recipe here |screenshot=no only for accessories/other equipment that do not appear on the character.
|tab source= (optional) if the equipment shares its appearance with another item, you may specify to use that items appearance here
|PVP DEF=PvP defence bonus
|PVP ATT=PvP attack bonus
|PVP M.ATT=PvP magic attack bonus }}

Blank Template

Copy this template when creating an equipment page:

{{ {{{template|Equipment}}}