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This Enchant Scroll infuses magical power into your equipment.
Take this scroll to Brynn to unleash its potential.

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Can Be Traded (Icon).png This item can be traded.


Effects 2 and up are optional. They must be used in order, e.i. do not skip 2 and use 3 (this is to limit parser function calls). All of the requirements are optional.

If one effect has multiple requirements separate them with a <br />.

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|image=Optional. Use if a scroll has a different image from the default.
|name=Name of the enchant (not <name> Enchant Scroll, just <name>)
|rise=If the scroll has been changed since RISE content, set "yes" to display an icon by Enchant Scroll's name.
|rarity=white, green, blue, or gray -- depending on the color of the item name (green by default)
|sell=number after sell price (Defaults to 500)
|restriction=none, or exactly as appears in game
|unique=yes/no (optional, defaults to no)
|desc=exactly as appears in game
|trade=yes if tradable, no if untradable, story if the item says it's a story item in game, practice if the item says it's a practice item, cash if a cash shop item.
|obtain=how to obtain the item. Sold by (name), Dropped by (name), Crafted by (name).
|notes=additional information related to the Enchant, such as the name of any buffs given.

Copy this template when creating an item page.

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