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[[File:{{{npc}}} (NPC Icon).png|text-bottom|35px]] [[{{{npc}}}]]



  • npc: The name of the NPC who says this.
  • link: Set to no to indicate dialogue from characters that aren't notable (Schulivan doesn't count). The box will have no picture and no link.
  • content: What is said.
  • type:
    • battle: "You received informaton on Battle: X"
    • delivery: "Delivered X"
    • reward: "Reward: X"
    • gold: "Reward: X gold"
    • exp: "Reward: You have received X EXP."
    • story: "You learned the Story: X"
    • keyword: "You learned the Keyword: X"
    • complete: "You completed the Story: X"
    • select: For any dialogue buttons that can be selected.
    • task: Any notice that's printed in green text.
    • title: "You received the title: X"
    • title2: "You received the X title."
    • skill: "You learned the skill: X"
    • titlediscover: "You discovered the title: X"
    • unknown: "(Dialogue unknown.)"
    • blackscreen: The type should be set to this in conjunction with the blackscreen start and end indicators
      • An additional parameter {{{blackscreen}}} is used when dealing with black screens:
        • start: [The screen fades to black]
        • end: [Black screen ends.]
        • true: used on dialogue that occurs during a black screen (type should not be set to blackscreen, but should be set normally according to the content type)
    • Anything else: NPC dialogue

Note: Dialogue for Krunk will automatically appear in large text.

See also: Template:Dialogue, Template:DialogueGroup, Template:DialogueColor

(Feel free to expand on this template to add more types and features as necessary.) This template defines the table "Dialogue". View table.