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Number of Needed Chain Hooks[]

I think it would be a good idea to provide the number of chain hooks needed to knock down a boss.~Felsmukk

Everything in the game that can be chain hooked is currently one or two chains required. Some bosses can't be chained at all. If you are suggesting a comprehensive list of every single boss that can be chained, that's going to require some effort. Else we can just add in a small section stating one or two being used. Generally small bosses like gnolls and kobolds only need one chain hook, and large bosses like the Giant Polar Bear or Lionotus need two chain hooks, aimed at any of it's legs. It is always best to restrain bosses by grabbing a leg. Chaining an arm, tail or any other part generally just makes them drag you around the area, while they still attack you or your allies. There are some bosses that can break free of being chained rather quickly, like Raging Ekuloch. He only stays down for 1-2 seconds, making chaining him rather pointless. Light of Palala on the other hand blinds him for quite some time.

Funny thing about Lionotus though, he has no animation for being chain hooked. He just completely freezes still for the duration. Devcat forgot to give Lionotus an animation for it. He doesn't wiggle or struggle to break free, he just becomes a statue. It's quite hilarious to see, as he'll freeze in whatever pose he was in when the second chain hits (whether he's on the ground or jumps in the air. Yes, he will freeze in the air and won't fall until the chaining ends.) --Masqtalk 15:59, 15 February 2012 (UTC)