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The information here is outdated!!!!

Lugh Lamhfada's Armor set it NOT crafted with Armorsmithing! It is crafted with Tailoring.

I cannot figure out how to update the craft lists however.

Tailoring allows the player to craft Heavy Armor, Light Armor, and is the only skill that allows the player to craft Cloth armor. Players who tailor items will usually have a better quality than regular NPC items, as indicated by the amount of stars the crafted item has. This expertise can be taught by Nel at the Royal Army Base in Rocheste.

Beginner Tailoring (0-99)[edit | edit source]

Apprentice Tailoring (100-199)[edit | edit source]

Journeyman Tailoring (200-299)[edit | edit source]

"Season 2 Update" Tailoring (300-350)[edit | edit source]

Tailoring 300-350 is automatically obtained by learning Journeyman Tailoring.

Professional Tailoring (350-399)[edit | edit source]

Professional Tailoring is learned by purchasing Advancement Test: Professional Tailoring from Nel.