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Sugarcane Joe (NPC).png
Sugarcane Joe
Original Name Joe
Alignment Malina
Race Human
Occupation Drunkard
Location Bar (Malina), Malina
Hey, buy me a round, would ya?
~ 'Sugarcane Joe'

Sugarcane Joe is a drunkard can always be found at the bar in Malina. During Ghosts of Malina he reveals that he sometimes drinks with Enzo.

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "You been around here before?"
  • "Just a little swig to get me to normal."
  • "I figured it all out. This here is the best little island under the sun. Try to live free in those big towns and they'll lock ya up. All you gotta worry about here is Simone and her naggin'."
  • "I lost a lotta pals to the sea. She's a mean old broad. But she never got a hold on old Sugarcane Joe, no way. You hear me, you old witch?! You'll never get me!"
  • "You one a them idiots that thinks old lady Morrighan's gonna come swoopin' outta the sky? If so, I got a couple a magic fish I could sell ya..."
  • "I used to could walk into any bar... ANY BAR... and just holler. 'Sugarcane Joe is here for yer women!' Ya know what happened then? A lady stampede."
  • "Whaddaya lookin' at?"