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On April 20th, 2011, Nexon released an overhaul of Staff Evie's controls and skills. Staff melee attacks were removed and Magic Arrow became Evie's basic attack. Focus was added to allow Evie to access her increasing repertoire of spells, which would have become inaccessible with the previous quick slot item system. There were also some defensive skills added to increases Evie's survivability and the Alchemy Box was added to help Evie manager her many Alchemy items, while preventing them from filling her quick slots.

Basic Attack (Left Click/A) - Magic Arrow[]

The regular attack button activates Magic Arrow. Although it is slightly weak, Magic Arrow now only required 5 stamina to cast and is somewhat faster. The range no longer increase with each casting and is instead affected by Evies stats. At rank 9 Magic Arrow fires three arrows as it used to do when the player used a Fine Magic Arrow Gem (which also required rank 9). This skill replaced staff Evie's melee attack.

Smash Attack (Right Click/D) - Focus[]

The smash attack button actives Focus which grants access to Staff Evie's other staff spells. As the smash button is held down the Focus gauge fills. The gauge has four levels at which varying spells may be cast using the movement keys.

Level 1[]


Healing Corona:

  • Added as part of the revamp, replaced Healing.
  • This place motes on the ground where Evie is standing which heal players who walk near them.

Mana Mine:

  • Added as part of the revamp.
  • This spell leaves a small orb that explodes when touched by enemies.
  • This is a weaker version of the orb made using rank 9 Eagle Talon.

Level 2[]


Ice Blast:

  • Added as part of the revamp.
  • This is an area of effect ice spell which damages enemies.
  • freezes mobs of about player character size or smaller.

Fire Bolt:

  • Modified as part of the revamp.
  • The cooldown was shorted to 8 seconds.
  • Is now a ranged bolt that explodes upon hitting an enemy.

Level 3[]


Ice Spear:

  • Added as part of the revamp, replaced the not yet released Ice Bolt.
  • Shoots out a line of ice that damages and freezes mobs, including bosses.

Level 4[]


Blind Arrow:

  • Added as part of the revamp, is a non-SP remake of SP: Blind Arrow.
  • The range has been decreased slightly as has the damage
  • No longer requires SP.
  • The icon was also changed.
  • A 30 second cool down was added.

Other Skill Changes[]

All the magic Evie skills, scythe or staff, were set back to Rank F.

Alchemy Box:

  • Item released as part of the revamp.
  • All of Evie's alchemy items are accessed via this one quick slot item, which opens a second set of quick slots when activated. From these quick slots all of her alchemy items can be access.
  • This applies to Scythe Evie as well.

Alchemy: Mana Pistol:

  • Released with the revamp as a level 54 skill.
  • This applies to Scythe Evie as well.

Alchemy: Mercury Trap:

  • Mercury bomb changed from secondary weapon to item in the Alchemy Box.
    • Instead of a thrown weapon, the bomb affects the ground where Evie stands.

Mana Amber:

  • Skill released as part of the revamp.
  • Evie encases herself in solidified mana in the shape of an Erg Crystal rendering her near invincible for a limited amount of time.
  • The crystal seems to weigh less than Evie herself as it is highly susceptible to knock back, which can be quite amusing to watch.

Mana Shield:

  • The mana shield bar was increased from 5 to 10, but each shield blocks less damage.
  • Skill released as part of the revamp.
    • Increases the amount of damage each shield can absorb and increases the rate at which the shields regenerate.
  • This applies to Scythe Evie as well.

List of Removed and Changed Skills[]