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Spring Hatchling Kiddie Custome Set

Need Image.png Spring Hatchling Happy Hat Need Image.png Spring Hatchling Fancy Blouse
Need Image.png Spring Hatchling Tartan Skirt Need Image.png Spring Hatchling Rain Boots
Set Bonus
2 Pieces: ATT +25, M.ATT +25
3 Pieces: ATT +45, M.ATT +45
4 Pieces: ATT +75, M.ATT +75
5 Pieces: ATT +150, M.ATT +150
Total Set Effects (without Set Bonus)
Full Set Restrictions
Required Level: 1 - Max Level

Amuse your frinds! Counfuse your neighbors! Reminisce about the silly, carefree days of toy cars and splashing in spring puddles when you were just a hatchling with this ultra-hight-fashion kiddie custome! It's so retro, it's back in style!
- Spring Hatchling Happy Hat
- Sprint Hatchling Happy Hat
- Spring Hatchling Fancy Blouse
- Spring Hatchling Tartan Skirt
- Spring Hatchling Rain Boots
ATT +80, M.ATT +80, Movement Speed (Town) +4%