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DevCAT Face (Icon).png This article includes content which has been removed from the game.

Some or all of the following content has been removed from Vindictus by Nexon.

Spiked Scale Tunic.png
Spiked Scale Tunic
Sell Price: 240 Gold (Icon).png

A tunic worn by the leaders of the Gnolls. It is made with specially selected ores which gives it a unique glow. Hitting it during combat will create a sound like a requiem of death.

Kirstie may be able to use it for something.

Obtained by defeating Dim Gray.

Can Be Traded (Icon).png This item can be traded.

How to Obtain

Dropped by Warchief Black Scar.


Interestingly enough, a Spiked Scale Tunic is not one of the drops found by defeating Dim Gray. The only way to find this in battle is by defeating Black Scar.