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Introduction[ | ]

Skill Awakening system is used to power up your character's skills in various ways. It can be accessed through Dianann in Rochest.

It is similar to the Enchanting system for weapons and armor.

Awakening a Skill[ | ]

To awaken a skill, a set of materials are required:

Waking Stone[ | ]

  • Defines which type of power will be used to awaken the skill
  • Waking Stones have different ranks, varying not only in the perks they provide but also the quantity of said boost (i.e. Waking Stone: Efficient SP amount can vary from 60 to 80)
  • Waking Stone rank A can be obtained from Army Loot Box after completing the Royal Army Total War. Four types of Waking Stone rank A are available: Efficient SP (80), Efficient Stamina (6), Damage Boost (12%), and Breakoff DMG 12%. Waking Stones rank A related to Cooldown aren't included.

Erg Crystals[ | ]

  • Used to increase the success rate of the Skill Awakening process
  • The type of Erg Crystal (i.e. Water, Twilight, Life etc.) is irrelevant
  • Each Erg Crystal increases the success chance by 1 to 3% at random
  • Erg Crystals are consumed upon usage

Success Chance[ | ]

  • The maximum success chance depends on rank of Waking stone. For rank C is 45%, for rank B is 40% and for rank A is ???%.
  • The maximum success chance can be increased by Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg. Depending on the strength of the Erg , this can be from +10% to +60%. Waking stone rank B + Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (60%) as a result, gives a maximum chance of 100%.
  • In case of failure, the Waking Stone is destroyed

Skill Awakening Rune[ | ]

Skill Awakening Rune can be used to protects your Awakening material from desruction and protects you from bad side effect. On failure, the rune is consumed and returned Waking stone becomes untradable.

Maintaining the Awakening Effect (Restoring Durability)[ | ]

Once you have successfully awakened a skill, it attains durability points, which deplete upon usage (hitting an enemy with the awakened skill) in battle. When they reach 0, the awakened boost (not the skill itself) ceases to provide an effect.

To restore awakened skill's durability, talk to Dianann once more. There is only one material required to restore durability and that is an Waking Stone of any kind, which you'll find plenty in Ben Chenner Entrance battle. Lower rank (C) Waking Stones restore less durability than those of a higher rank (A).

  • Rank C : 180 durability restored
  • Rank B : 300 durability restored

You can put your Restoration Awakening Durability Points in "Collect Awakening Durability Points" pool. Than these points will automaticaly restore Skill Awakening Durability of the skill that need it.