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Simone (NPC).png
Original Name Moira
Alignment Malina
Race Human
Occupation Bartender
Location Bar, Malina
Hello there, dearie.
~ 'Simone'

Simone is the proprietor of the bar in Malina and the sole producer of the local favorite drink, Spiced Rum.

Services Offered[]


Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "Welcome."
  • "How about some a little bit of rum?"
  • "How about a sweet sip of rum to wind down?"
  • "I remember the day Allysse and Milo came to town... Both so little and frail, covered in blood and mud. We did our best to give them a good life here. I think we've done pretty good.
  • "Let me tell you, dearie... Malina doesn't need a bunch of gods and goddesses. We listen to the jungle, we listen to our hearts, and we survive. That's all the religion you need.
  • "My spiced rum is the best in the world."