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For the 16 player RAR version, see Ancient Siglint

Siglint (Enemy).png
Type Dragon
Location Heide
(Boss of Earthborn Seal)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 66 Exp: 2,418 HP by Group Size - 1: 1,750,000 2: 1,750,0003: 1,750,000 4: 1,750,000
Att: 9,218 Def: 9,606 Crit: 64 Res: 54 CritDmg: 150%    

Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Normal / Hard Mode Siglint Giblet Pouch, Siglint Horn, Siglint Stone Claw, Siglint Tail Spike Armadillo Enchant Scroll, Fleet Enchant Scroll, Leopard's Enchant Scroll

Quest-Only Drops[]

Break Off Tips[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Rears up slightly then shoots lightning from his mouth to the area directly in front of him. He will then shoot lightning in an arc from his right to his left. Run under him to avoid this and attack his back feet.
    • The tail will also deal damage if touched during this attack despite having deceptively small and harmless-looking movements.
  • Deploys lightning circles at players, which soon get struck by lightning.
  • Waits a while then shoots lightning at many circles that are deployed around Siglint (rather than targeting players).
  • Takes flight to one of the very ends (3 o'clock or 9 o'clock position of the map) of the background and charges towards the center of the map and attempts to snatch players.
    • A successful snatch can pick up two nearby players. When Siglint approaches the center of the map again he will drop the players into the ground, instantly killing them and ignoring Life Flare.
    • Siglint can be crash landed by throwing a Small Bomb at the glowing rocks on the ground. These rocks release a giant Hemdrill when a small bomb explodes beside them. If the timing on the explosion hits as Siglint snatches, Siglint will crash into the ground, stunning him momentarily.
    • Karok is able to Clash Siglint as he snatches. A successful clash will have Karok throw Siglint to the ground, though the stun duration is far less than dropping him with a Hemdrill.
    • If all players run to the northern or southern most areas of the map, Siglint will stop attempting to snatch someone and will barrel roll while shooting lightning projectiles at players. Any player that returns to Hemdrill bombing area will make Siglint return to snatching mode.
  • Takes flight and appears high up from the sides of the area and shoots unblock-able lightning projectiles at players. Avoid these by running at Siglint and then dodging forward when he shoots.
    • Any player that gets hit will chain the lightning attack to other nearby players, granting the electrocution debuff.
    • Siglint's altitude is much higher than his other flight attack, which prevents him from being crash-landed.
  • Flies up, but then lands without initiating any aerial attacks (repositioning).
    • When Siglint has 8 bars of HP or less remaining, he will usually initiate petrify after this reposition.
  • Slams down with its front legs while shooting lightning forward.
  • Rears up a bit and charges forward head first twice.
  • Slams its tail, then swings it side to side. His back feet are dangerous to be near as they move as the tail moves, dealing damage.
  • Petrifies himself, reducing all damage taken to 1. Players must use the Catapults in the area and barrage his stoneskin with armor. Success will cause him to collapse, but failure will cause him to heal and perform his tail attack.

Tips & Advice[]

  • His one hit kill snatch attack may be avoided/defended against by using Storm Step, SP: Shield Bash, Slip Dash, Blink, Mana Amber, Kai's Evasion and Active: Dodge Grapple, or Roll (Spear Lann). Other characters must dodge it manually by spamming shift away from Siglint.
  • Safe spots from the lightning attack showing circles on the ground that are predetermined (not targeting players specifically, the "wait" one) include being completely out of range of Siglint, being under Siglint, and being around Siglint's back feet.
  • Vella, Scythe Evie, Sword Lann, Spear Lann, and Kai may use Storm Step, Blink, Slip Dash, Roll, Kai's Evasion, or Active: Dodge Grapple to defend themselves from the targeted lighting attack (that shows circle on the ground) without having to run out by taking advantage of invulnerability frames. Fiona may use SP: Shield Bash in a similar fashion, but excessive use will be a waste of SP, disabling the use of other SP skills. Of course, any 4-bar SP skills that make the user invulnerable will also work.
  • There are 4 Small Bomb crates in the corners, which infinitely gives 3 Small Bombs at a time and are used to destroy the small rock clumps on the ground to shoot out a giant Hemdrill. These are able to crash-land Siglint while he is doing snatching attacks. He will then take damage and be stunned for a long period of time.
  • At 8 bars of HP or less, Siglint can petrify himself after repositioning. Use the eight Catapults on the field to break his petrification and stun him.
    • If Siglint petrifies and is not hit by enough catapult rocks, he recovers 1 bar of HP. Siglint starts the raid at 10 bars of HP.
    • You can prevent Siglint from petrifying by flinching him, such as by hitting a break-off point, shooting spots labelled by Hunter's Eye or by quickly using SP: Reverse Gravity or SP: Cyclone.
  • If you get hit by any lightning attacks except for the circles, it will cause a chain-reaction causing players around you to get hit by the electricity.
  • All lightning attacks causes Electrocution including the chain lightning mentioned above.
  • Siglint has no normal attacks other than his walk.

Additional Notes[]

  • If he uses the lighting attack where it shows circle on the ground the players must quickly run out of these circles before being hit by unblock-able lightning.
  • The catapults only deal 100 damage, so they are best used during petrification.
  • Catapults have infinite ammunition, though they do have a brief reload time.
  • If he tries to pick up a Karok while flying, he can be thrown aside by a successful Clash.
  • Siglint is the only dragon in the Episode 10 that doesn't talk.

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