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For the NPC, see Shakarr.
Shining Shakarr
Shining Shakarr (Enemy).png
Type Ogre
Location Prairie Entrance
(Boss of The Fomorian Leader)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 65 Exp: 2,418 HP by Group Size - 1: 300,000 2: 300,0003: 300,000 4: 300,000
Att: 9,218 Def: 6,244 Crit: 58 Res: 47 CritDmg: 130%    

Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Normal / Hard Mode Ancient Erg Crystal, Faded Teten Fragment, Shakarr's Armor Fragment, Shakarr's Hammer Fragment, Clear Additive (Journeyman), Red Pigment (Journeyman), Yellow Pigment (Journeyman) Cuallemeach Boots, Deathwind Boots, Fallen Angel Boots, Passionate Debueruke Boots, Silent Quemielle Boots, Lightwind Boots Dominance Enchant Scroll, Empowered Enhancement Stone, Grinding Enchant Scroll
Break Offs Shakarr's Warped Horn

Quest-Only Drops[]

Break Off Tips[]

  • Location: Head
    • Number of hits: 2 (1 hit per flinch, 2 times)
    • Tips: Spear. Shakarr has a slow recovery after most of his attacks, and can easily be hit as he turns to face you. Alternatively, running far away from Shakarr after he attacks will cause him to slowly walk towards you, giving a very easy opening to spear his face.
    • Reward: Shakarr's Warped Horn

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Thrusts his hammer forward in a dark energy smash.
  • Jumps backwards away from the player (normal attack).
  • Lowers his head and charges at the player, swinging his hammer once at the end of the charge.
  • Jumps backwards and immediately bends to charge. He swings his hammer once at the end of the charge. Tracks the player better than the other charge.
  • Swipes his hammer to the right (if you were behind him, normal attack).
  • Swipes his hammer to the left (if you were behind him, normal attack).
  • Kicks forward with his right foot (normal attack) and swings his hammer once (smash attack).
  • Swings his hammer once from his front right to his left (normal attack).
  • Taunts the player to come at him with his left hand.
  • Turns away from the player and quickly swings his hammer back at the player.

Tips & Advice[]

  • As a Twin Spear Lann, the best method would be to use Active: Slashing High and Grand Hurricane while rotating around Shakarr. If done right, Shakarr will keep turning around to attack, but will never get the chance.
    • Vella can employ the same tactic with LR spam with Twin Swords. Attack towards Shakarr's right leg, and his slow turning speed will let you spin him in circles as you attack. Use Active: Slashing High when your stamina is low to continue turn-locking him.
  • Walk around the huge bonfire in the center of the stage to confuse his AI, allowing time to use potions.

Additional Notes[]

  • Shining Shakarr will bend on his right knee to recover if he receives enough smashes (knockdown).
  • Despite the aid from Transformations, Shining Shakarr has extremely high HP and Defense.
  • Interestingly, his appearance in Rescue is far smaller than he appears in The Fomorian Leader.

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