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Shayla (NPC).png
Original Name Annest
Alignment Coffer Chasers Guild
Race Human
Occupation Treasure Hunter
Location The Forge, Colhen

Shayla is a sultry, sassy treasure hunter who loves having the freedom to explore the world. She was visiting Colhen when the Fomor advancement made it impossible for her to leave.

As long as they hear about rare artifacts, whether it’s the mountain of daggers or the sea of fire, treasure hunters are bound to be willing to claim them for themselves, even if the stakes are high. But Shayla belongs to a different kind. She prefers to hire someone to do it for her, rather than put herself in danger.

Shayla is a treasure hunter with a personality some call confident and others call arrogant. She trusts no one but herself, probably due to the trauma of being abandoned by her biological parents when she was still a little girl. When doing business, money speak for her.

She possesses a very wide range of contacts that allow her to obtain information about strange places or different relics and artifacts as fast and as easy as possible. This makes Shayla a valuable asset at finding information that is difficult to obtain in other way than hers.

This battle with the Fomorians is costing me a fortune!

I'm stuck in Colhen while I lose clients by the cartload.

~ 'Shayla'


Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "This battle with the Fomorians is costing me a fortune! I'm stuck in Colhen while I lose clients by the cartload."
  • "(Shayla scowls.) I have a backlog of goods I need to get for my clients. Think about what this is doing to my reputation..."
  • "I only stopped in Colhen to rest for a few days, but look at me now! (Shayla laughs.) I miss seeing the world!"
  • "If you're looking for rare goods, look no further. If you're looking for trouble, well... (Shayla looks you up and down, then smirks.) Yeah right."
  • "I despise liars. Greedy folk, I can deal with. Just shove gold down their throats until they choke... But I hate liars."
  • "You a merc? Yeah? Then you kill for money. I suppose I'm not that different. (Shayla laughs.) We'll get along just fine."
  • "I visited the frozen caverns across that prairie up north. I was told a frenzied bear made its home there. A lie. The place contained nothing but Fomors."
  • "I'd hire a full-time merc to accompany me on my trips, but the ones I've met have all been idiots. (Shayla laughs.) The last merc I hired actually tried to kill me. Alas, I'm stuck in Colhen until I find a merc I can count on."
  • "I scour the land in search of rare items at the behest of important people. (Shayla eyes you.) No one you'd know..."
  • "Ainle's gone. Wiped out. Destroyed. Saw it with my own eyes when I was hunting for a relic a while back."
  • "I hunt treasure. Ancient artifacts, old books, that kind of thing. Sure, it's dangerous, but I love it. (Shayla's eyes shine brightly.) It opens the world to me. I adore traveling."


  • The adviser of a famed admiral in Mabinogi: Fantasy Life is named Shayla.