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For the enemy, see Shining Shakarr

Shakarr (NPC).png
Original Name Shakal
Alignment Fomors
Race Ogre
Occupation Leader of Fomorian Army
Location Fobellow Prairie

Shakarr is the leader of the Fomorian Army located in Fobellow Prairie.

Spoiler: (Episode 2) Shakarr is first mentioned by a report held by Speedy Ekuloch, where the Fomorian Leader handed orders to Big Brother Ebeloch, Robust Echeloch, and Sturdy Emuloch to gather Kobolds into Hoarfrost Hollow to prepare to march and attack Colhen.
Spoiler: (Episode 4) Shakarr is mentioned in a report written by Warchief Black Scar announcing that the Gnolls have allied with the Fomorians.
Spoiler: (Episode 6) Prior to the events of Colhen in Flames, Shakarr intended to kidnap Tieve, but Warlord Black Hammer accidentally took Clodagh instead. Shakarr personally attempts to deal with the issue himself, making his appearance in Rescue where he battles Keaghan.
After the Royal Rocheste Cadets rescue Clodagh, Shakarr mumbles on how they failed to capture the Oracle but Black Hammer questions why they could not kill them just to make things easier. Shakarr advises that while "blood is blood", the time has not come, and leaves him to recover. Black Hammer says that Shakarr is weak for he speaks like a weakling. Black Hammer's minion asks to launch another attack under his command, but nonetheless follows Shakarr's advice and waits for the "perfect moment". When the moment comes, everything will happen differently than Shakarr expects.

Spoiler: (Episode 9) After Shakarr is defeated in The Fomorian Leader, he explains to Keaghan about the Fomorian Prophecy: If the Fomorians have managed to put Humanity into extinction, their God, Cichol, would come and bring them into Erinn.
Afterwards, Shakarr informs Black Hammer about this, however his minion continues showing doubt towards his leader and decides to execute him for that purpose. Shakarr, who had already known about Black Hammer's plans, explains that fate is a very powerful thing and allows his minion to finish his plan. Shakarr then closes his eyes and Black Hammer kills him.

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