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I can't begin to imagine the burdens you bear each day.
I leave the new era... the future... in your hands.
~ 'Aodhan'

Season 4 is the fourth major plotline in Vindictus and is the direct continuation of Season 3, picking off after the Season 3 Epilogue. During this season, the mercenary and members of Rocheste Alliance work together to unite every human and Fomor against the looming threat of the Eweca moon, as well as remnants of the Pontiff's Court safeguarded by Macha.

Complete Season Summary[]

Prologue: Dawn of a New Era[]

Episode 1: To the New Era[]

Episode 2: The Brotherhood of Darkness[]

Episode 2 Extra 1: Spearhead of the Paradise Lost[]

Episode 2 Extra 2: Pale Moon[]

Episode 3: The Saintess of Taratha[]

Episode 3 Extra: The Wicked New Era[]

Episode 4: Your Evil is My Justice[]