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I can't begin to imagine the burdens you bear each day.
I leave the new era... the future... in your hands.
~ 'Aodhan'

Season 4 is the fourth major plotline in Vindictus and is the direct continuation of Season 3, picking off after the Season 3 Epilogue. During this season, the mercenary and members of Rocheste Alliance work together to unite every human and Fomor against the looming threat of the Eweca moon, as well as remnants of the Pontiff's Court safeguarded by Macha.

Complete Season Summary[ | ]

Prologue: Dawn of a New Era[ | ]

The episode starts at Ronaun's Castle, where Brynn, Riordan, Muir, Brakis and the Hero are discussing the current state of the Kingdom since Rocheste's announcement of rebellion against the Pontiff's Court: Rocheste gained financial support from various Merchant Guilds, as well as from the lord of neighbouring cities of the Kingdom, which previously had conflicts with the Pontiff's Court. Claire's appointment as an apostle also helped. Brynn notices that aside from many people willing to join, Crimson Blade mercenary group isn't on the list.

Meanwhile in the Mercenary Office, Gallagher expresses disappointment over [[Aodhan]] refusing to support Rocheste. Asher and Tristan, fearing that the war might get them too if they won't return to Malina as soon as possible, plan to escape when the river borders would be at most vulnerable during preparations for the upcoming war.

Aodhan goes to the General Shop to buy a doll from Aislinn for reasons unknown even to Aodhan himself. He feels like he's forgotten something really important and looking at the doll he bought is making his heart tremble.

Back at Ronaun's castle, Brynn and Riordan are still waiting for the reply from the Crimson Blade mercenaries. Brynn proposes sending a letter to the mercenary group captain, while Riordan proposes the idea of sending a messenger to persuade the captain directly. Reaching compromise, they compose a letter, signed by the Hero, Riordan and Brynn and decide to send Marrec as the messenger, as he's aware of the situation and has the potential needed to persuade Aodhan. As Marrec leaves, Muir notices that Marrec forgot the composed letter. Brynn urges the mercenary to hurry over to the carriage before it's too late.

In the Mercenary Office, Aodhan is notified by Gallagher about the strange man with a pale skin waiting for him behind the office. This man is none other than Enok, who reveals that Aodhan forgot the loss of his family to Fomors. As Aodhan begins to question his actions, Enok uses the information he had on Aodhan's family to force Aodhan to remember the loss of his family and deep hatred for Fomors, "awakening" Aodhan from the Morrighan's curse of oblivion.

The Hero manages to catch up to the carriage by Rocheste Gates and hand over the letter to Marrec, who then leaves on the carriage to Colhen.

In the Mercenary Office, Marrec is greeted by Asher and Gallagher, who thought that Marrec died during the expedition to Lochlann Plains. He then tells Marrec that Aodhan looked different for some reason and then he left to the park located south of Colhen, while wearing an exquisite set of armor unlike anything Gallagher's ever seen before. Overhearing the conversation, Tristan intervenes and explains that this armor belonged to the soldiers bearing the long lost title of the Elder Knight. Marrec notices that the curse of oblivion still persists in people like Gallagher. Ignoring Gallagher's pesterings, Marrec rushes straight to the park.

In the park, Aodhan mourns over his family's death by the monument belonging to the victims of the war against Fomors. Marrec appears, delivers the letter and reveals to him everything that happened during the expedition, not even letting out the part of Hero's meeting the Goddess Morrighan. Aodhan refuses the plea for Crimson Blade mercenaries to support Rocheste in the upcoming war, using the mercenaries' families an a reason. However, after some persuasion, he decides to think about, but asks for the Hero to come and talk this over.

As soon as Marrec leaves the park, Enok appears before Aodhan once again. He reveals his identity of the Pontiff's Court magician and hands him the modified Bloody Shade, goading him into using it to achieve his revenge against those who have taken his family. Torn between fulfilling his revenge and leading the people to the new era, Aodhan makes his choice.

Back at Ronaun's Castle, the Merchant Guild branch provides Rocheste with enough supplies to last at least 2 months if more people were to join the cause. Marrec returns back to Rocheste and relays everything Aodhan said to Brynn, the Hero and Riordan. Thinking that the messenger wasn't enough, Riordan volunteers to go meet Aodhan himself, feeling responsible for his past actions, but Brynn cuts him off from the offer. Brynn lets the Hero go with Marrec to the appointed meeting place, but feels that something ominous will happen.

Aodhan meets the Hero in the same park. Previously ingesting the Bloody Shade, Aodhan expresses disgust over the idea of harmony between humans and Fomors and calls it unfitting to his deep hatred. Thus, the clash of beliefs begins.

Enhanced by the Bloody Shade, Aodhan proved to be a formidable opponent in battle against the Hero. However his power couldn't match the mercenary's past experiences and is mortally wounded. With the last of his strength, Aodhan walks to the monument and lays on the ground, his vision deteriorating from effects of Bloody Shade. He calls out to Marrec, who happens to be nearby. He makes peace with the Hero and recommends Marrec as the next in line for the position of Crimson Blades Mercenaries captain. Aodhan dies, finally reuniting with his lost family, while the mercenaries mourn over their captain's death.

The mourning doesn't end there and continues back at Ronaun's Castle, where Riordan and Brynn notice that the Hero is shedding tears for the first time. They begin to blame themselves for Aodhan's death - each coming with their own ways to blame. Despite Riordan depressingly announcing the inability of Crimson Blade mercenaries to join forces with Rocheste without someone to lead them, Marrec relays Aodhan's will to the party and expresses his wish to lead the mercenaries in the upcoming war. Both Brynn and Marrec realize they have a heavy burden to carry - a responsibility to live for the sake of leading the people to the new era, for the sake of the future.

Episode 1: To the New Era[ | ]

During nighttime, the Hero is visited by Seanna, Brynn and Muir who are expressing their condolences for Aodhan’s death. Seanna notices the red moon Eweca slowly splitting itself from the blue moon Ladeca, signifying the small amount if time party has before gods of Eweca begin their descent on Erinn. Hero wonders about his reasons for fighting so far, blaming himself for dragging everyone into a war no one will leave unscathed from. With no way of turning back, the Hero vows to do his best, so the tragedy wouldn’t happen again.

The next morning at Rocheste Castle, the Alliance of Rocheste is holding a briefing, regarding their next move for driving out the remnants of the Pontiff's Court from the kingdoms. Brakis proposes for the alliance army to be split into three groups: the main army led by Riordan and Claire, the provisions army led by Brakis and the sabotage army, led by the Hero. As the briefing continues, the Guard arrives with a message from the lord of one of the neighbouring kingdoms, Lord Ahazen. It is revealed that Taratha has mobilized the army led by the members of the Royal Guard, whom Claire immediately identifies as the His Divine Armor, an elite group of knights tasked with protection of the royal family.

Agitated by the sudden news and fearing for Rocheste’s safety, Riordan orders Brakis to gather the main group in order to assist Lord Ahazen’s soldiers stationed in the vicinity of the King’s Road, while the Hero, Brynn and Muir are told to remain at the Rocheste Castle. Brynn tasks Claire and Marrec with protecting Riordan, as losing the lord of Rocheste will mean the end to rebellion against the Pontiff’s Court.  As Riordan is preparing to move out, he is stopped by Nel, who is fed up with her husband always ignoring her and demands her husband to stay. Through tough persuasion by Brakis and Riordan, they manage to persuade Nel to let Riordan go. As a token to remember her, Nel hands him a shawl of high-quality yarn, woven by her. Softened by kindness of his wife, Riordan orders Brakis to let soldiers talk to their families first before they move out.

A few hours later, Brakis receives a letter with Hero’s name on the envelope. Brynn finds that odd, as Hero was never revealed to the crowd and aside from Crimson Blade mercenaries and certain people, nobody knows of him residing in Rocheste. After inspecting the letter for a magic traps, the Hero opens the envelope, only to find the contents of the letter confusing to the party, signed by someone going by the initial K. The Hero surmises that the letter is encrypted, remembering the trick one of his companions (Kean) used to reveal the letter's true contents. The letter is revealed to be from Kean, the royal guard of the kingdom who disappeared after the events in Malina continent. He warns about the forthcoming army of Taratha's knights preparing to ambush from the Sewers, led by His Divine Armor Cesar.

Brynn shows signs of remembering Kean, but Seanna doesn't. Brynn deduces the reason for that to be a kind of spell, different from Erinn’s oblivion curse.

Not having time for Banazakh’s reinforcements and severely lacking in manpower, Brynn and Brakis check the map of Rocheste to find spots from where Heath Knights might strike. Their observation points them to the second castle that existed even before Rocheste has been built - the Cassar Citadel. As Brynn proposes a headfirst attack on their leader, the His Divine Armor invade Rocheste. As the battle rages on, Brakis reports to the party about Cesar's location, as well as the information on His Divine Armor soldiers' weaponry, including Cesar's weaponry - a portable handcannon, which mass production has been ceased due to inability for a normal human to wield it.

Fighting through the hordes of invading His Divine Armor soldiers, the party manages to reach Cassar Citadel, where they are greeted by the leader of His Divine Armor. Nevertheless, the Rocheste Alliance members manage to defeat Cesar. The commander reveals that the Taratha recently held a coronation ceremony for the new King of Erinn, blessed by the Goddess Morrighan. Muir and Brynn attempt to convince the knight that the goddess people saw is an illusion conjured by Macha, but he refuses to believe it. Cesar orders a retreat and flees the battlefield. Muir wonders why they didn't finish the commander off, but Brynn tells that killing him will only strengthen the army through their beliefs, and as the Taratha proclaims to have the Goddess at their side, in the eyes of people they will be seen as no more than heretics.

Back in Rocheste Castle, the Hero receives another letter from Kean. While reading it, Hero retells Brynn the story that transpired during his stay at Malina, with Brynn showing signs of remembering yet again. In the letter, Kean explains what happened to him after parting with the mercenary. Back in Malina, Kean overhears Solair (who is revealed to be a spy for the Pontiff's Court) meeting with the pale-looking magician, and learns that something has been hidden in the White Whale Inn. In there, the royal guard finds the tracker Milo and the mercenary used to track divine energies as they searched for the Destiny Stone. Using the tracker, Kean managed to track down Milo along with the woman in a red robe, but then came to an attack from the pursuer. Kean was no match for the stalker and fell off the cliff, losing the tracker in the process. After getting his wounds treated by the people living underground, he kept chasing Milo until he reached Taratha. In the last sentences of the letter, Kean reveals that the newly crowned king of Taratha is none other than Milo.

Somewhere in Taratha, the messenger reports to Enok about Cesar's failure, but the magician spares him from disposal, seeing as the improved potion he made has been a resounding success. An unknown figure warns him about the Hero's power, to which Enok responds that now this person is the figure's enemy as well. The figure is revealed to be Milo.

Episode 2: Clan of Darkness[ | ]

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