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Would you repeat the same choice even if you were to lose everything?

Is that what is called destiny?

~ 'Cichol'

Season 3 is the third major plotline in Vindictus and is the direct continuation of Season 1, picking off after the Season 1 Epilogue. During this season, the player must uncover the mystery behind everyone's amnesia, disappearance of the mercenaries from both the Mercenary Outpost and memory, and the events that are yet to come.

Complete Season Summary[]

Chapter 1: Paradise Crossing[]

Prologue: Paradise of Oblivion[]

The story picks off a few days after Season 1 and starts with the Rookie receiving a letter from Captain Aodhan that tells about the proclamation of war against Fomors by Royal Army and summoning all mercenaries to report to Colhen. When he arrives to the Mercenary Outpost in Colhen, he is caught in a heated argument between Marrec, Aodhan and Riordan. Then Aodhan pronounces an inspiring speech before instructing mercenaries to pack things and move to Rocheste.

After arriving to Rocheste Castle for a briefing, mercenaries witness the King Ronaun's and Riordan's (who is revealed to be the King's brother) speeches before the Royal Army soldiers begin the move on Fobellow Prairie. Aodhan instructs the Rookie and Gallagher to stay and guard the Rocheste's Castle, while he, Marrec and Riordan go with the Royal Army to the battle.

While the Rookie and Gallagher were chatting with Nel and Brakis, the monster begins a massive attack on Rocheste. The Rookie tracks it up to the Rocheste Castle's Towers. There, after a heated long battle, the Rookie pushes the monster down to the ground, where it is caught and bound in chains. While discussing the monster with people, the intruder starts calling the rookie and says something that shocks him: "Isn't there something only you remember?". After the monster has been moved away, Brakis asks the Rookie to get some yarn from Caryl at the Bar.

The soldiers came back from the Prairie with with King Ronaun announcing the complete victory against the Fomors and claiming the Fobellow Prairie as their own. The Rookie notices that neither Riordan, Marrec or Aodhan have appeared even though the battle went without a single casualty. Returning to the Castle, the Rookie is shocked that neither Nel, nor Brakis remember him at all. Returning back to Colhen's Mercenary Outpost, the Rookie is shocked once again: Ceara states that the mercenaries don't even have a captain and that she handles most administrative affairs, when Blawynn arrives with a payment for battle. More than that, Ceara doesn't know anything about Marrec's existence.

Puzzled, the Rookie goes to the Fobellow Prairie, which was devastated from the war. There, he notices the familiar sword and helmet, covered in blood. Then, he notices Cichol, saying something cryptic before fading away. Returning to the Mercenary Outpost and showing the items to Ceara, she is puzzled about the gear not being on inventory list.

Episode 1: Path of the Hero[]

Episode 2: A Mountain of Ash[]

Episode 3: Light and Shadow[]

Episode 4: Crossroads to Ruin[]

Chapter 2: In Paradise[]

Episode 1: Third Disciple[]

Episode 2: Blight of the Unseen[]

Episode 2 Extra: Call of the Goddess[]

Episode 3: Day of Reckoning[]

Episode 4: Dogma[]

Episode 4 Extra: Arcana[]

Chapter 3: End of Paradise[]

Episode 1: Fortress in Oblivion[]

Episode 2: End of the Hero's Path[]

Epilogue: Where the Paradise Lies[]

Episode 1: Where the Paradise Lies[]

Episode 2: Weakness[]

Episode 3: Eweca's Nightmare[]

Episode 4: The Old Lie[]